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Draw Odds Now Updated For 2020!

Draw Odds Updated for 2020

We are excited to announce that our 2020 Draw Odds updates are now live! Now you can see exactly what occurred during the 2019 draw, to better prepare yourself for how to apply in 2020.

Updated Draw Odds Throughout Every State

goHUNT standalone draw odds page

Draw odds are extremely important and we are confident to say that the most accurate draw odds in the industry... got more powerful in 2020! Every state, unit and species has been updated to show the latest draw odds (this update also includes all youth and antlerless opportunities).

When researching for hunts, you'll be able to see exactly how the 2019 draw played out to help you decide how to apply in 2020. The result of these updates further showcases us as having the most accurate draw odds in the industry. With that said, we now display five total years of draw odds. This information is great for tracking trends, point creep and finding hidden gem hunts that might be getting overlooked.

Standalone draw odds example at 8 points

The above screenshot displays our year-over-year detailed draw odds view showing an applicant at the 8 point level. You'll be able to see trends in draw odds, point creep, applications and at what point level tags were drawn.

Along with the updated odds on the standalone draw odds experience page, each unit also has it's own detailed draw odds page where you can track trends even further with our year-over-year draw odds data (sample in the image above). You’ll see exactly how the draws have played out for each state throughout the years (tracking point creep) and you’ll be able to track the trends at your point level.

Click here to see Updated Draw Odds

Other enhancements in this INSIDER update

In typical goHUNT fashion, Instead of just updating all the data for the 2020 season, we wanted to bring you more information than ever before:

1. Adjustment to Colorado antelope draw odds

The antelope draw is special in this state and we were able to make an adjustment to show a better representation of the draw. For this one species, there is no nonresident cap. We now display it that way!

2. Enhancement to Washington

We now have the "Quality" hunts broken out in Washington. This was based on feedback that we received from INSIDERs and how they wanted to see the data presented.

Washington quality hunts displayed

3. Tooltips

If you have navigated around on Unit Profiles and Draw Odds, you may have started to notice some small blue circles with a question mark in them. These are tooltips that will help explain a little more about the unit, saving you time from jumping into the unit profile.

Blue tooltips on standalone draw odds page

Example of the blue tooltip on our Standalone Draw Odds Page.

Blue tooltip on unit profile

Blue tooltip example on a Unit Profile.


Stay tuned for more enhancements we are coming out with in 2020! Feel free to reach out to us at any time if you have questions. Gain an edge, and start your research now. Best of luck in the 2020 draws. 

If you're unfamiliar with INSIDER, you can learn more below.

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Seth D. - posted 4 months ago on 01-26-2020 07:59:40 am
Public Lands

@ Ryan, Canadian draws only effect Canadian residents of that province. Non-resident foreign nationals can not compete for tags via Canadian draws. Most Canadian provinces require a guide to hunt big game similar to Alaska's laws on guides required for sheep, goats and brown bears. Some of the eastern Canadian provinces have programs to allow unguided hunters. I know Quebec had a program like that for moose, caribou and bears previously.

Ryan W. - posted 4 months ago on 01-26-2020 05:46:05 am

This might be a question outside the scope of this article, but does GoHunt have any plans to add Canadian draw process, regs, odds, etc?

Debbie R. - posted 4 months ago on 01-22-2020 08:25:18 am

I just joined Insider yesterday. I’ve been filtering through the information regarding an elk huntIng in Wyoming; my number of preference points is 11. Any suggestions / help would greatly be appreciated. I realize due to the January 31 deadline for applications, reality for bringing everything together for this fall ..... next fall more than likely. Thank You, Debbie

Brandon E.
Brandon E. - posted 4 months ago on 01-20-2020 12:48:00 pm
goHUNT Team

@ Kevin E.
The reason we don't display those point tables for some states has to do with how there draw works. There is a random part of the draw and they don't provide any data as to the number of points the successful applicant had in that random part of the draw, even though you still lose those points if successful.

@ Clint W.
The comparison feature did get removed as part of an update that our tech team did. We are planning to improve the functionality and add some other enhancements to it. Unfortunately, I don't have a time frame for it right now.

Brandon E.
Brandon E. - posted 4 months ago on 01-20-2020 12:29:59 pm
goHUNT Team

@ Timothy O.
The easiest function that you'll want to use for that, is Filtering 2.0. Give us a call at 702-847-8747 Ext. 4 and one of our guys will run you through exactly how to do that. Like Justin B. stated you definitely didn't waste your money. Thanks, Justin!

Justin B. - posted 4 months ago on 01-20-2020 12:24:38 pm

You defiantly did not waste your money. I use the site weekly though out the year. if you call customer support i am sure they will help you figure out what you need to know

Timothy O. - posted 4 months ago on 01-20-2020 12:23:13 pm

I feel like I just lost $150 for nothing.

Timothy O. - posted 4 months ago on 01-20-2020 12:21:04 pm

I would like to just archery hunt elk over the counter in sage and juniper at the lower levels of Idaho. How do I use this site to help me? Sept.6th to the 20th. They make this so frustrating!

Kevin Edwards_10209367707289575
Kevin E. - posted 4 months ago on 01-19-2020 07:33:18 pm
Battle Ground, wa

So, not every state has the "tags drawn" table? I do not see that in Arizona, and do not see that in Wyoming? Am i doing something wrong?

TODD C. - posted 4 months ago on 01-11-2020 04:22:48 pm

Wyoming's quotas are not set until Aprilish, none of the tag numbers will show up until then which highlights the insanity of their new application process for elk at least. You put it now but have to wait until may to get the results. You can modify your choices up until May 8th I believe. Quotas will be out then at least.

Clint W. - posted 4 months ago on 01-10-2020 05:20:31 am
Divide, CO

Did the unit comparison option get removed? I used to be able to select a handful of unit profiles to compare

Brandon E.
Brandon E. - posted 4 months ago on 01-09-2020 06:41:41 pm
goHUNT Team

@ Dennis R.
The tag allocation graphs are getting updated this week. It'll take us a bit to get through those in every state. The harvest success will get updated later in the spring once the various states release that data.

Brandon E.
Brandon E. - posted 4 months ago on 01-09-2020 06:38:26 pm
goHUNT Team

@ Clay L.
The odds data is updated, but the season dates haven't been updated yet. We typically wait until we have approved seasons from the state. However, in Wyoming, they won't approve them until later this spring. We are currently updating the season dates in Arizona for elk and antelope and will be updating Wyoming's the beginning of next week. Please note that Wyoming's could change once their commission votes. The tag allocation graphs are also getting updated this week. It'll take us a bit to get through those in every state. I apologize for the confusion.

@ Seth D.
Not totally blind this year. The changes that Wyoming made allowing nonresidents to at least modify our application until May 8th will help. I always wait until the last few days to apply, not that I procrastinate it, I like to have as much information as I can when I apply. A lot can happen between now and that deadline, particularly in a winter kill prone state.

Dennis R. - posted 4 months ago on 01-09-2020 06:32:05 pm

Wyoming antelope units are still showing 2018 tag allotments and success. 2019 info is needed to help see an accurate draw trend. Will these be updated soon?

Seth D. - posted 4 months ago on 01-09-2020 06:11:17 pm
Public Lands

Are we drawing blind on Wyoming if the quotas won't be released until later? Is it worth it to put in for deer and antelope now?

Clay L. - posted 4 months ago on 01-09-2020 05:33:45 pm
Boise, ID

I have the same question as Justin. When I look at the Wyoming odds for nonres special they show the 2019 season. Also the individual unit profiles still show 2018 data. Itsa little confusing if the odds are reflecting last year.

Brandon E.
Brandon E. - posted 4 months ago on 01-09-2020 01:27:57 pm
goHUNT Team

@Justin B.
I assume you are looking at Nonresident Regular draw. The random odds are the same as in previous years, but when you look at the 2 point level you'll notice they are about half of what they were last year. Typical points creep. Looking at the five years you can see that they have trended that way pretty consistently.

Justin B. - posted 4 months ago on 01-09-2020 01:02:17 pm

Just confirming.... When i look at the new 2020 draw odds for Wyoming general rifle - Elk , they appear to be the exact same as 2019. Is that correct?