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Arizona now offers an online course for a lifetime Hunter Ed bonus point

Arizona offers online course for hunter education bonus point

Photo credit: Dreamstime

Below is a recent press release from the Arizona Game and Fish Department about their new online course to receive your lifetime "hunter education" bonus point. This change is interesting because before you had to travel to Arizona to take this course to earn the Hunter Education Bonus Point and now opening it up online, means everyone can take this course. So if you can pay the fee... it sort of will level out the playing field/advantage. Where in the past, other people who were willing to travel to Arizona for the in-person course had the point advantage by taking the in-person course. Note: the number of nonresidents who took the in-person course in the past was very small. Now tons of people might take the online course and it sort of means that if you want an extra point for a little better chance to draw, you'll have to pony up the cost for this point.

But at the same time, this is convenient as it was very difficult for most people to take the time off of work and either fly to Arizona or drive there during one of the available in-person courses that typically had seats fill up fairly quickly.

Screenshot of Arizona point dashboard

The screenshot above shows my brother's Arizona dashboard. As you can see he has never received his Hunter Education Points. Once he takes the course, he will get a bonus point for every single species, so that column I highlighted will have a "1" all the way down through it.

Cost for the course:

  • Arizona residents: $150
  • Nonresidents: $300

Take the online course here

Arizona hunter education bonus point course

Screenshot of the Education Bonus Point course.

PHOENIX — The Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) has created an innovative online course — “Ethically Hunting Arizona” — that provides hunters 18 and older with an opportunity to earn a lifetime bonus point.

A bonus point is simply an accumulated credit (or point) that authorizes the department to issue additional computer-generated random numbers to a big game draw application, thus providing an applicant with an added chance of receiving a low random number in the draw and improving their draw odds.

The Ethically Hunting Arizona course was developed primarily for those hunters who are looking to acquire their permanent Arizona Education Bonus Point without having to compete for limited seating in the classroom-style structure of the traditional Arizona Hunter Education course. This new online course should help to free up seating for youths 9 to 13 who must complete a hunter education course in person to hunt big game. To register for the course, go here.  

NOTE: If a hunter already has earned an Arizona Education Bonus Point by completing Arizona Hunter Education, a second bonus point cannot be obtained through the taking of the Ethically Hunting Arizona course. In addition, completing the online course does not fulfill hunter education requirements to hunt in other states.  

Ethically Hunting Arizona is geared primarily for experienced hunters, including those who are nonresidents, new residents to Arizona, and longtime state residents. Statistically, 9% of hunter education graduates are nonresidents. Of those 18 and older, 76% take the course for this bonus point, and only 20% identify as new hunters.

Ethically Hunting Arizona’s 10 hours of online coursework will cover the following topics:

  • Responsibility, safety, skills.
  • Conservation, Fair Chase, ethics, hunters’ image.
  • Planning, preparation, survival skills.
  • Firearm safety, handling, shot selection.
  • Hunting strategies, vital shots, game care.
  • Arizona hunting laws, regulations, licensing.

The course provides focused learning to hopefully help reduce hunting incidents through safety education, as well as the number of citations issued for violations that occur in the field.  

The cost of the discretionary course is $150 for Arizona residents, $300 for nonresidents (who now benefit from not having to outlay travel expenses, such as gas, airfare, lodging and meals, to take the course in person in Arizona). 

A student will have two opportunities to pass the course with a minimum score of 80%. The course must be passed 30 days prior to the draw deadline day for the bonus point to be valid for that particular draw.



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