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APPLICATION STRATEGY 2015: Arizona deer, sheep and bison

Sometimes what seems so simple is actually very complex after all. The same can be said for Arizona’s deer, bighorn sheep and bison drawing system. In this informative write up you will gain a better understanding of what is possible, and what is impossible, when it comes to applying for and drawing these tags in Arizona. The Grand Canyon State has some of the very best mule deer, Coues deer and desert sheep hunting out there. The Coues deer in Arizona are a fairly overlooked species and the over-the-counter (OTC) archery deer season during the rut in December and January is one of the most enjoyable hunts you will find. Desert sheep hunting in Arizona is about as good as gets with the Boone and Crockett records to prove it! Free range bison can be hunted on the North Kaibab near the Grand Canyon National Park. The precipitation received so far this year should make this a year to remember. Do not miss your chance to apply. The deadline is fast approaching! You can apply online here continue reading...