2019 Wyoming And Arizona Draw Odds Now Available

Now updated 2019 Wyoming and Arizona draw odds

We are excited to announce that 2019 draw odds for Wyoming and Arizona are now available on INSIDER!

Wyoming and Arizona draw odds have been released on their own standalone draw odds page. More states will follow shortly, but we wanted to get these two states out first because they are the most timely due to application deadlines.

What's the reason for a standalone draw odds page for WY & AZ?

For the past six months we have been completely rebuilding everything on INSIDER. The INSIDER research platform just hit our four year anniversary, so it's time for a completely new set of code to increase performance and allow more research functionality; these new enhancements are going to be huge for all users! You will see a new interface, faster load times, additional filtering functionality on Filtering 2.0 and new enhancements on Draw Odds.

Unfortunately, this complete INSIDER rebuild has taken longer than we originally anticipated. Because the western application season is upon us, we released a standalone draw odds experience for Wyoming and Arizona. This release encompasses everything you need to start your 2019 research on these two states. Currently, you'll only find the new draw odds on the standalone draw odds experience for Wyoming and Arizona and you will not see the updated information on Filtering 2.0 until the middle of January.

New feature added for Wyoming in 2019!

We now break out the Applications By Point Level BELOW the draw cut-off line in Wyoming and you can see those trends for the past four years. This information has never been available for Wyoming and you won’t find it in any of our competitors draw odds either.

But why is it important?

Trust us, it’s a game changer! For the first time, you can see exactly how many applicants you might be competing with for licenses going into the 2019 draw. Previously you only had a total of how many didn’t draw and had no idea how many of those might have been at your same point level. Now you do, and it’s one more critical piece of the puzzle that can help put a tag in your pocket!

Applications by point level in Wyoming draw odds

Screenshot example of the new Wyoming enhancement.

Check out the video below for more information on this new Wyoming feature

How to access the 2019 Wyoming & Arizona draw odds?

At the top of the goHUNT homepage, there is a giant orange bar with a direct link to the 2019 Wyoming and Arizona draw odds.

How to access 2019 Wyoming and Arizona draw odds

Once you click on that link, you will be taken to this standalone draw odds page for Wyoming and Arizona.

2019 Wyoming and Arizona standalone draw odds experience

From there you can select either Arizona or Wyoming to view all of the updated 2019 draw odds. You can click on the link below to start researching your draw odds for Wyoming and Arizona.

Click here to see 2019 Wy & AZ Draw Odds

How do you access all the other states in the time being?

In the meantime, if you want to review 2017 draw odds for the other states on INSIDER, you can access those anytime through the INSIDER drop-down in the navigation bar or from the 2019 standalone page by clicking the link that lives inside the 2019 update image (see screenshot below). Or you can access the other state’s 2017 draw odds directly here

How to view other states 2018 draw odds

When will the rest of the states draw odds and enhancements go live?

By mid-January, all of the other state’s updated draw odds will be live on INSIDER as well as all new functionality on Filtering 2.0. Stay tuned for updates on more enhancements we are rolling out with in 2019. Best of luck in the 2019 draws! Feel free to reach out to us at any time if you have questions.

If you're unfamiliar with INSIDER, you can read more below.

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