Willow Ranch

Licensed in:
Montana : 190


Storrs Bishop
Phone:(406) 444-2535
Fax:(406) 444-4952

We provide 6-Day ELK Hunts in Sept. ARCHERY and Oct. RIFLE seasons. THe base-camp, at 8600' elevation, is a 2-hour ride from the trailhead and is situated at the edge of the timber. It consists of wall tents with wood stoves, cots and lanterns, a large cooktent, tack tent, latreen tent, etc. Our horses are gentle and savey. Our staff is mature, experienced, and made up of professional hunting guides who work together as a team. We keep the camp-size small with a 2/1 "hunter/guide" ratio (Max: 6 clients, preferably 4).

PO Box 667
Ennis, MT 59729