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Territory Outfitter offers a variety of hunts each season including Pronghorn, Black Bear, Mule Deer, and Elk hunts.  We also offer predator hunts including mountain lion, coyote, bob cat; as well as a variety of varmint hunts for prairie dog shoots and javalina.  Territory Outfitter has had great success hunting both private and public lands.  If you have drawn a public tag or are looking for a private ranch hunt, we have you covered.   Included within our hunts is a variety of package types, durations, and destinations tailored to each hunter’s specific needs.

Territory Outfitter only takes a select number of hunting clients for individual big game hunt each year.  We pride ourselves on the success of our hunters and dedicate our resources to achieving that success. We want you to be successful in your harvest.

If you’re looking for a custom hunting experience, Territory Outfitter will be glad to show you how we are redefining the “Outfitted” hunting experience.

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Available Hunts

Pronghorn- Arizona and New Mexico are home to some of the nation’s premier Pronghorn hunting. During our pronghorn hunts, hunters can expect to encounter multiple mature bucks each day.  Each year our hunters harvest mature bucks of Mid 70”s to 80”+.  These action packed hunts are 3 days for rifle and 5 days for archery in most cases.  However, extend hunts are offered based on the season(s) and location.  This is one of our favorite hunts of the year and it not just because of the good weather.  Don’t let your dream buck slip away.

Elk- Arizona is known for giant bulls… PLAIN AND SIMPLE.  Rather you prefer the early archery season or a late rifle hunt, big bulls can be found in Arizona. Throughout the southwest, we provide multiple opportunities for elk hunting.  Hunt durations can vary from 5 days to 10 depending on the hunt, location, and season dates. Rather you are looking for a private land hunt, Over The Counter (OTC) tag, need assistance with where to apply, or are fortunate to draw a coveted Arizona tag, Territory Outfitter has you covered. 

Black Bear- It may be hard to believe, but Arizona and part of the Southwest are known for some of the best black bear hunting in the country.  Each year we encounter several mature color phase black bears.  Tags are Over The Counter (OTC).  These hunts can be either archery or rifle hunts and may vary from spot and stalk to setting ground blinds at water.  There is no doubt that you’ll be impressed with the size and beauty of these magnificent color phase bears.  Hunt durations vary based on the season dates and location.

Mule Deer- With Arizona ranking as one of the top big mule deer destinations in the country, Territory Outfitter is right in the middle of the action.  If you’re looking for big mule deer, then Arizona is your place.  Known for giant mule deer, Arizona is one for the few places that archery hunters can obtain an Over The Counter (OTC) tag and license each year. While we still recommend applying for the draw hunts, there is always a backup plan for hunting big mule deer.  Most importantly, the archery deer season takes place during both the Mule deer and Coues deer ruts.  Durations for the rifle and archery hunts can vary and we are glad to work with you on your schedule and budget.

Coues Deer- If you’re looking for one of Arizona’s most unique big game animals, you’ve found it in the Coues Deer.  The Grey Ghost as they are often called is an exciting hunt that ranges from the Northern Mountains of Arizona to the Southern Desert.  While there is no doubt the success rate of these small Whitetails is a higher percentage with a rifle, archery hunting is still a very feasible.  Territory Outfitter has several the strategies and knowledge for making your hunt a success.  Don’t miss out on the chance to hunt this beautiful deer.

Predator & Varmint- Action packed and full of excitement, you never know what you may call in or find in the tree when you arrive.  Our predator and varmint hunts extend nearly year round for hunting opportunities. Rather it’s the trill of showing up to a tree with a mountain lion or calling in a couple of coyotes, these hunts are a great time.  Hunt durations vary depending on season and species.