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Stick Rock Outfitters LLC

Licensed in:
Colorado : 2933


Walt Abrams
Phone:(720) 446-8617

Why book your hunt with Stick Rock Outfitters? What can they do that no one else can? Well, we can provide what other outfitters can - we can get you on animals, get you into position to make a shot on a trophy animal, and make sure you have a great time while on your hunt. What sets us apart is the foundation of this outfit. Walt was born and raised solely by his dad in eastern Kentucky, a place where true morals can still be found. His dad taught him that a man is only a man if his word is his bond, a rule Walt lives and runs his business by.  If he tells you something, you can count on it to be the truth. That’s where you will find the difference in Stick Rock Outfitters. We can tell you we’re good at what we do, but we would rather show you. Just ask and we will provide you references from hunters who have worked with us and they can tell you about our performance. Let us become your outfitter not only for your next hunt, for all your hunts!

6392 Bearcat Loop
Colorado Springs, CO 2933