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Majestic Trophy Outfitters

Licensed in:
Colorado : 2198


Phone:(970) 620-0998

We are located in Northwestern Colorado in game Unit's 3, 12, 301, 211. We offer a variety of guided, semi-guided, and trespass hunting packages. Including group, youth, and disability impaired hunts. We are family owned and operated with true western values and history. We specialize in Elk, Mule Deer, and pronghorn hunts on a combined 45,000 acres thru out Moffat and Rio Blanco counties. We have operations located 3 miles north of the White River National Forest , and 8 miles west of the Black Mountain Forest. We pride ourselves on free chase hunts with large Deer herds which we commonly produce bucks scoring 165-190 BC, and Elk that range from 275-315 BC. We hunt from numerous ground, elevated or natural blinds implementing still hunt techniques, and some spot and stalk if necessary. All of our properties have a mixture of vegetation including Srub Oak, Aspen, Sage, Alfalfa and grass hay. We have abundant water sources and great game.

3815 Exmoor Rd.
Craig, CO 81625