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Courtney Gordon

Our goal at Live Wild Outfitters is to build a hunting package to accommodate your specific needs. We believe that guiding services should not be a one size fits all approach and no two clients are the same. We want you to have the best experience in the outdoors possible, whatever that looks like to you. This is why our hunt options listed below are just general outlines. Some clients might need all the gear and provisions provided, while others are fully self sufficient and just looking for someone with species knowledge to take them out. Reach out to us about your ideal hunt, from squirrels to big game we can help you have success on your next adventure!


Bear Hunting

We specialize in 4 day guided spring black bear hunts accommodating 1 or 2 hunters at a time. You will enjoy your own wall tent base camp with meals and cots provided, each day you will head out with your guide to different locations which offer good glassing vantages over green grassy hillsides. These are premium areas that we have seen and or taken bears in before. One unique feature that we have in this region is a very high population of color phased bears. This is an extremely fun hunt and a beautiful time of year to be in the woods. Be sure to apply for the SW zone spring black bear tag prior to Feb. 10th. We may have a couple outfitter tags available for purchase if you missed the draw but these are extremely limited. (packages start at $4,000). 


Deer Hunting

Southern Oregon has arguably the best late season blacktail hunting in the country. It is an OTC archery tag that lands in the middle of the rut. This is a 4 day guided deer hunt that accommodates 1 or 2 hunters with 2 preferred. You will enjoy a wall tent basecamp with cots and meals provided. Hunting is done from prior set and established ground blinds in prime locations for deer movement. This is a great archery hunt with opportunity at mature bucks. (Packages start at $4000)


Build your own

Daily rates are available and If there is a species or a particular hunt that you would like a guide/outfitter for, then feel free to inquire about building a custom hunt. As long as you have the license/tags and we have the appropriate land use permits we are happy to assist you. Squirrels, Coyotes, Rabbits, Elk, Deer, Antelope, Bear, or whatever your next pursuit is we are here to help in your success.