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Taran Rogers
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Gold Rush Hunts is a full time outfitting service, that covers the entire state on New Mexico. We are an extremely hard working, passionate and personable team that will do whatever it takes to make sure our clients enjoy comfortable, exciting and ethical fair chase hunting adventures. We are firm believers that extensive scouting, hard hunting, and luck are the key ingredients to successful hunts. No one else in the business will work harder for you. Our hunts will provide you with great lifelong memories, and friendships.

Rick Ortega was ranch raised in some of the most rugged country known to the state. He has spent his whole life outdoors working on many different ranches and hunting the entire state. His cowboy and horsemanship skills are unmatched as well as his work ethic. Anyone who has spent much time at all with Rick knows he is one of the hardest working, skilled, honest, reliable, and professional people you will ever have the privilege to meet. Rick has been guiding hunts professionally in New Mexico, Old Mexico, and Arizona for over 25 years, making him as experienced as anyone in the industry. Well known as one of the states top sheep guides he has guided hunters to well over 100 successful sheep hunts. Rick is a "been there done that" type of man who is a friend to everyone who has ever met him.

 Taran Rogers was raised on his families cattle ranch in the Magdalena mountains of New Mexico. He has also spent his life devoted to the outdoors, ranching and guiding hunts. Taran has spent all of his youth working and learning from the best people in the state. He has learned an endless amount of wild country and knowledge of the animals that in habit it, as well as skills to be successful in any situation. He has guided and been on many successful back country hunts. Taran processes an abundance of energy, and a great attitude.


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