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Cary Jellison
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Cary Jellison is a complete outdoorsman, having prowled the mountains and waters of Nevada and California since he was a child. Cary is committed to the conservation and ethical use of the area's natural resources. After years of fly fishing, hunting, camping, rafting, and hiking, Cary started his own guide service, G & J Outdoors, in 1995. With a desire to introduce young people to the outdoors and a willingness to tailor trips to meet a client's individual needs, Cary has quickly built a reputation as a reliable and knowledgeable guide and outfitter.

For the hunter, Cary offers expert guiding for all three species of elk, mule deer, desert (Nelson) bighorn sheep, California bighorn sheep, antelope, mountain lion, wild chukar, quail, sage grouse and turkey hunting in both California and Nevada. A member of Safari Club International, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, the National Rifle Association, the Mule Deer Foundation, Nevada Bighorns Unlimited, the Nevada Outfitters and Guides Association, as well as a lifetime member of Grand Slam Club Ovis and The Wild Sheep Foundation, Cary looks to make hunts not only successful, but also enjoyable and educational. Due to his well-honed skills and quality hunting properties, clients who hunt with Cary commonly book hunts year after year, hence the slogan, "come as a client - stay as a friend."


Available Hunts

Nevada Mule Deer Hunts

Our clients have had about 85% success and nearly 100% opportunity on our Nevada mule deer hunts for the past twenty years. We are licensed to guide mule deer hunters in Nevada statewide and have statewide special use permits through BLM and US Forest Service permits for the Austin Tonopah District. We thoroughly scout during the summer months in order to insure you have the best hunt possible. For nonresidents, Nevada offers a special nonresident guide draw for mule deer hunters. The guide draw application process takes place in February for the following fall. You will find out by mid-March the results of the draw. You cannot apply for this drawing on your own; you must contact us if you are interested.

1 on 1 $5500
2 on 1 $4500 (per person)
50% deposit required for booking
Prices do not include Nevada hunting license, mule deer tag fees or guide gratuities.
We also have Nevada landowner mule deer tags. Season runs August through December.

Nevada Bighorn Sheep Hunts

These are customized hunts. You must be drawn for these hunts or you can buy a heritage tag (Governor's tag). The application deadline is April. Season runs November and December for desert bighorn sheep and September and October for California bighorn sheep.The cost of your hunt includes meals and accommodations. Prices do not include Nevada hunting license, tag or guide gratuities.50% nonrefundable deposit required for booking.

Please call for pricing at (530) 263-0492 (cell number) or contact us via email at

Trophy California Roosevelt Rut Elk Hunts:

We have Roosevelt elk hunts available for the 2017 season. Our clients have taken 23 bulls in California that qualify for Boone and Crockett. This hunt has had bulls in the 360’s taken in the past and 290 is the Boone and Crockett minimum.

Landowner Tag Hunts - September 1-30
2017 Northwestern Hunt 355 - September 7-29
Call for pricing Price does not include state license and tag fees or guide gratuities.
Call for details 530-263-0492.

Nevada Elk Hunts

Our Nevada elk hunts offer clients a very good chance at taking a 350+ bull and we have taken bulls over 390. We guide rifle, muzzle loader, and archery hunters for elk in Nevada. We do a lot of glassing on these hunts and spot and stalk is the main method of hunting on our rifle hunts but on the earlier hunts in August and September we will call bulls in and sometimes sit on water holes with archery hunters.

Our elk hunts take place from August through December.
6 Day Hunts
1 Guide - 1 Hunter $6250
2 Guides - 1 Hunter $7500
Call for pricing Price does not include state license and tag fees or guide gratuities.

California Tule Elk Hunts

We guide Tule elk hunts on the Grizzly Island, East Park Reservoir, Owens Valley and Cache Creek hunts for those that are lucky enough to draw a tag. For those of you that are not we have landowner tags that you can buy and hunt on private ranches or if you want the very best hunt you can buy an auction tag. Seasons run August through October

6 Day Hunts
1 Guide - 1 Hunter $5750
Call for pricing on landowner and auction tag hunts.
Price does not include state license and tag fees or guide gratuities.


Nevada and California Antelope Hunts

In Nevada, we are licensed to guide antelope hunts for the entire state. In California we guide zone 3 (Likely Tables), zone 4 (Lassen), and zone 6 (Surprise Valley). Lodging and meals are included in your 4 day hunt. The application deadline for antelope is mid-April in Nevada and June 1 in California. We also offer landowner antelope tags.

The season runs in August and September.
1 on 1 $3950
2 on 1 $2950 (per person)
50% nonrefundable deposit required for booking
Prices do not include hunting license, antelope tag or guide gratuities.

Nevada Mountain Lion Hunts

Our 5 day guided lion hunts take place in Northern Nevada. The last 3 years we have been 100% success for mountain lions. Your license and tag can be purchased over the counter and you can take two lions per year in Nevada. Your hunt includes all transportation, meals and lodging until you harvest your lion or the hunt is over, whichever occurs first. These hunts take place between November and April. Prices do not include state hunting license, tag fees or guide gratuities.

Customized hunts available.
Please call for pricing at (530) 263-0492 (cell number) or contact us via email at
50% nonrefundable deposit required for booking