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The Cross C Ranch is a family owned and operated outfit. We are located in the Laramie Mountain Range, 30 miles West of Wheatland, Wyoming. The Ranch is a 20,000+ acre privately owned outfitting and cattle ranch. We have managed the ranch for trophy mule deer,  white tail deer, elk, and antelope for over 30 years. We are a mid-sized operation that offers amazing hunting opportunities on our own ranch, not someone else's leased properties.

The Ranch emboldens the spirit of the American West throughout the year, but from October through January the Cross C Ranch  provides guided trophy gun hunts on a wide variety of Big Game Species. We are one of the oldest and most experienced outfitters in Wyoming with certification from the Wyoming Outfitters and Guides Association and The State of Wyoming Board of Outfitters and Professional Guides. The beautiful Laramie River and Bluegrass Creek offers amazing Fly Fishing opportunities for large brown and rainbow trout. We are also proud to offer stocked ponds around the ranch including a large pond next to our centrally located hunting lodge. Fishing is included with all of our Big Game Hunts.

Excellent trophy mule deer herds flourish on the ranch with a large local herd of elk on nearby Squaw and Moonshine Mountains. The Ranch offers the hunter a rare opportunity to hunt for multiple species with a near 100% success rate. We strictly manage the herds on the ranch to provide Trophy Hunters with opportunities at mature game only. In doing this we are also happy to offer Doe or Cow/Calf Hunts & Management Hunts along with our Trophy Hunts.

A modern lodge with deluxe accommodations and first class home cooked meals are provided for all hunts. The hunting lodge sleeps 12 comfortably with two bathrooms, fireplace, walk-in cooler and other modern accommodations. All hunts are fully guided. ATV's and other 4WD vehicles are the preferred transportation. Our guides are professional, experienced and work hard to provide you with a first class Western Big Game hunting experience.

The Cross C Ranch is all privately owned and accessed. No public hunting is allowed. We are ideal for group hunts and well equipped for just about any other outdoor adventure. Non hunting family or friends are welcome for an additional fee per day. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns about your upcoming western adventure!


Available Hunts


Our Wyoming Mule Deer hunting is the best it has ever been with both Archery equipment and Rifle. We have a strictly managed herd, and we offer two types of hunts; Management Deer & Trophy Deer hunts. Both are on mature bucks to continually improve genetics and develop key age classes all over the ranch's varying terrain and ungulate habit. In an effort to help propagate a mature class of buck, we withhold from harvesting young deer or an excessive number of "Trophy Class" deer on an annual basis. We control the hunting on virtually 100% of the 17,000+ acre ranch, therefore we can have a greater impact on the quality and quantity of our deer. This allows for a genuine opportunity to harvest a very nice buck. The hunting is primarily spot and stalk, greatly limiting the pressure on the deer. On the "Management" hunts, a mature buck will be in the 155-165 class, while the "Trophy" hunts yield deer in the 170-180 range. Our largest deer taken on the Ranch is 220+. Transportation is usually accomplished with ATV's and 4WD vehicles. Because of the diverse habitat on the Cross C Ranch we can offer everything from a low land river bottom hunt to a high-country rugged mule deer hunt in Big Horn Sheep country. We have an amazing herd of Whitetail Deer that are localized on our alfalfa fields on the Bluegrass River and on the lower rolling hills with mature bucks having the run of the place each year. Wyoming Deer tags famously offer the hunter to harvest either a Mule Deer or Whitetail on the same tag. We are also pleased to bring this kind of diversity to the outdoors man as a Wyoming Whitetail can truly be a special trophy. Wyoming offers a Late Season Special Whitetail permit that allows hunters the thrill of hunting Whitetail Deer in the rut.


Our Wyoming Archery & Rifle Elk Hunting is absolutely some of the best in the United States. We are in the coveted area 7, widely known for plentiful amounts of record setting bulls. Our local and resident herd population has exploded in the past several years. We control the hunting on virtually 100% of the 20,000+ acre ranch. All of our Bull Elk hunts are 1 on 1. The hunting is primarily spot and stalk, greatly limiting the pressure on the elk. A 300+ inch bull is very common on the ranch with several bulls approaching or exceeding 350 inches B&C. All hunting is 100% fair chase, and we mostly travel around the ranch on ATV’s and 4WD vehicles. The hunting season for Bull Elk in Wyoming is very long lasting from October 15th to November 20th commonly. Hunters can book hunts in the early season when big bulls are screaming throughout the countryside or a late season hunt in the high country. 


We are blessed to have several diverse Antelope herds on and around The Cross C Ranch. As you view both the pictures below and the added gallery you will notice that we can provide a wide arrange of hunting areas for your next Antelope Hunt with a wide selection of genetics and trophies. Add an Antelope to your itinerary and see one of the truly magnificent treasures of the American West! We offer 4 Day Antelope only hunts for both Archery and Rifle based out of our Hunting Lodge as it is generally easy to move around and see a wide array of Antelope. Some walking is required for Antelope as we only pursue and take game on the Cross C Ranch with “Fair Chase” methods. Additional days can be arranged upon request, and all combo hunts are all priced for 5 Days.


Wyoming has an abundance of Predators to help balance the ecosystem. We offer the outdoorsman several avenues to fulfill their predator hunting needs. The hunting lodge can be added to this hunting package as an exciting mid-winter get away. Please contact us for details on rates and lodging information.

We also offer reservations for Mountain Lion Hunting with access to our excluded Hunting Lodge and fully guided hunts with experienced local dogs. Weather conditions and availability can be an issue in planning a successful hunt so please contact us for additional information.


Prairie Dog Hunting Rates also include the exclusive use of our 1000 yd Steel Rifle Range, shooting tables & all transportation on the Ranch. Fishing in the stocked ponds on the Ranch is also included. A full time cook can also be included at additional cost. Combo Fly-Fishing + Prairie Dog Hunts are also available.