Mule Deer Elk

Budges Wilderness Lodge

Licensed in:
Colorado : 2601


Nelson Stutzman

The White River is home to the largest elk herd in the world. With a permitted area of over 150 square miles, we invite you to experience a true wilderness elk hunting adventure. Budge’s Wilderness Lodge sits 40 miles from the nearest hard-surfaced road and is surrounded by designated Wilderness on three sides. From here, it’s foot and horse traffic only. Beyond the main lodge, Budge’s has more than a dozen permitted camp locations scattered throughout the Wilderness area.  However, we never use more than a handful of these camps in a single season. This allows us to rotate camp locations, reduce pressure, and increase hunt quality. In addition to hunting, we offer fly fishing and horseback riding adventures throughout the summer. With trout streams and alpine lakes in every direction, there’s more water here than you could possibly fish on a single trip. Call us to customize your wilderness adventure.