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Bob Daugherty
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As a young man, I moved to and began guiding on a large ranch in Northern New Mexico. For about ten years, I guided elk, deer, antelope and turkey hunts as well as running dogs on bear and lion hunts. In 1985, I married, moved to Colorado and then began our outfitting business in 1986. 

My wife, Jennafer, has been by my side helping since day one from taking care of office work to helping on hunts to supply chief to camp cook! We have three children; Dusty, Walker and Morgan and Morgan's husband Michael who help with the business and live here in NM near us. Dusty is our IT guy helping us figure out the tech side of our business, Walker is a custom long-range rifle builder as well as the next closest thing to a billy goat with long legs and endless energy. He lives and breathes hunting and guns and is an excellent guide. Morgan is the eyes of the group! She is an accomplished guide herself and is able to judge size and quality of any animal with the best of them. Michael has an automotive repair shop he runs when not hunting and is an awesome mechanic. He has proven himself to be an excellent guide as well and is as tough as they come! Last but not least is our good friend, Urbano Garcia who has been with us since the beginning! He helped in training our youngsters to be guides, he is the "den mom" of camp and is a well of knowledge and information!! Camp is complete with him there!

You will find a clean, Christian atmosphere in all our camps. You will also find that all that work for Big Rim Outfitters are hardworking, professional, experienced and enthusiastic and will do their best to ensure you have a great time and succeed at taking that trophy-of-a-lifetime! We look forward to hunting with you!  

Thanks for your business.

The Daugherty family

Available Hunts

New Mexico Hunts

Elk Hunts:
Our elk hunts take place in the big bull country of the New Mexico Gila National Forest. This country will produce a 400 inch bull every year. There is nothing more exciting when hunting elk knowing you might get a shot at the monster of your dreams. The New Mexico elk hunting units we primarily operate in are 16B, 17, 16C and 21A. We are fully equipped to do pack-in hunts into the wilderness areas as well as spike camps away from roads and other hunters. Some of the best hunts are muzzleloader hunts and we can provide the use of one of our custom long-range guns especially built for killing elk in this type of country. Archery hunts are booked around the bugling season and we give you a full 8 days of hunting as opposed to the common 5 or 6 day hunt. Rifle tags are harder to come by, but we can put you on the bulls if you draw!


Mule Deer:The NM Mule Deer hunt is conducted from our High 7 Ranch. This hunt will require you to be able to hunt by foot in rough wilderness terrain. On a typical hunt, you will ride ATV's to where we will put on a daypack and hike several miles into muley country. We will then spend lots of time glassing until a big buck is spotted. Once you kill your buck, we will cape the head and pack meat back to camp. Success has been 100% on this hunt.


This is an action packed 3 day hunt on our 16,000 acre private ranch. You will look over lots of bucks and have numerous opportunities to take a trophy pronghorn. Once you kill your buck we will go to the prairie dog pasture where you can test your long-range shooting skills. Great hunt for kids, wives and the success has been 100% for 30+ years.

Coues Deer:
These hunts are on our HI-7 ranch in SW New Mexico. You will be hunting big rough rocky country. We usually carry a day pack and spend all day hiking and glassing. This is a challenging hunt with great potential. We take 1-2 hunters per year and success has been 100%.

Black Bear:
The bears hunts are spot and stalk hunts done from our High 7 Ranch where we live. We will use ATV's and foot to get in bear country where we will glass until a bear is spotted. You will need to be in good physical condition and able to climb rough, rocky canyons to be successful on this hunt. Each evening we will come back to our ranch house or lodge for a home cooked meal and a hot shower. Success on this hunt has been 100%

Exotics - New Mexico Oryx Hunting & Ibex:
We live only a couple of hours from where the Oryx live on the White Sands Missle Range and the Ibex on the Florida Mountains located in the southwest corner of New Mexico. These are both incredible trophys that will be the hunt of a lifetime if you can draw a tag! With our knowledge and equipment, we can guide you to a successful hunt on either one.

Texas Hunts:

Mule Deer:
If you need a true desert mule deer we have a great opportunity on our 50,000 acre private Texas ranch. We only take 6 bucks per year and success has been 100%. This is a moderate to rough hunt.

If you haven't been on a true free-roaming Aoudad sheep hunt you are missing out on one of the most challenging and exciting hunts in the West. These big rams are an incredible trophy and make an impressive mount in any trophy room. It is very common to see 10-30 rams in a day. We will help you determine a trophy ram that has long chaps and big horns. Our rams average in the 29-30 inch range. The biggest will be in the 31-34 inch range with around 14 inch bases. Occasionally we will kill a smaller horned ram (27"-28") but it is because he is a real old ram with broomed horns and huge chaps. Part of our success (100% kill for 9 years) is due to the type of equipment we use. We have the latest and best Swarovski, Nightforce and Leica optics for spotting sheep.

Javelina are fun to hunt and make an interesting addition to any trophy room. They can be taken in combination with an aoudad or desert muley. Bring a pistol or bow to add more excitement!