Greater adventure through innovation

GOHUNT has a single purpose: make it easier for hunters to get into the field. Whether you hunt for food, camaraderie, to connect with the primal world, or to challenge yourself, we have what you need. Whatever you hunt for, it all starts here.

Who is GOHUNT?

The origin

Empowering hunters to pursue greater adventure through innovation

In 2013 we realized that there was a huge gap in the Western hunting world: there was no convenient way for hunters to research and plan for hunts according to their own personal need. So we built exactly what was needed, and GOHUNT was born.

Along the way, we’ve built an incredibly strong community of like-minded individuals with a shared passion for hunting. Our vision continues to grow as we pursue our goal of empowering hunters to venture beyond the horizon, to hunt a new state or species, and to continue to grow past their potential.

If you believe in this mission—that technology exists to connect us with the primal world and not to separate us from it, that hunting creates a true connection with that world, and that self-reliance and true growth are only created through embracing struggle—we welcome you.


Hunters have an understanding of the primal world like no other. A connection created through dedication to living with the world, and not just on it. Do you share this understanding, or hunt for this understanding? Then we welcome you to join us on our hunt.

How does GOHUNT help hunters?

Research tools to help you find your best hunt

Our industry leading research tools let you find the perfect unit for whatever species, state or season you’re looking to hunt

Maps built specifically for hunters

Whether you’re e-scouting from home or out in the field, our mapping platform has the tools you need to effectively prepare for and execute your next hunt

A rewards program that puts gear in your hands for less.

The most rewarding loyalty program in hunting lets subscribers save on our selection of expert-curated gear

The most rewarding loyalty program in hunting lets subscribers save on our selection of expert-curated gear

From lifelong hunting experts to new hunters, we strive to provide viewpoints and insight from hunters of all kinds

Hunting is conservation
GOHUNT is proud to play our part in empowering hunters to venture across state lines and support ecosystems across our country. Nonresident permits contribute triple the amount of conservation funding as resident ones—so chase a new species or explore a new state on your next hunt.
Animal conservation groups including the Audubon society, the World Wildlife Fund, and the National Wildlife Federation all support recreational hunting
Through the the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act (commonly known as the Pittman-Robertson Act), hunters have contributed to the recovery of deer, turkey, and many non-game species
60% of state fish & wildlife agency budget funding is generated by hunters and anglers through excise taxes and the purchase of licenses.
Hunters contribute $1.1 billion to conservation efforts every year through hunting permit and license fees alone.
In 1937 hunters requested an 11% tax on firearms, ammunition, bows and arrows to support conservation. This tax has raised over $14 billion for conservation efforts to date.
Thanks to conservations efforts led, driven, and funded primarily by hunters, wildlife populations are thriving. Since their lows in the early 1900s:
Elk populations have grown from 41,000 to over 1 million
Whitetail populations have grown from 500,000 to over 30 million
Pronghorn Antelope populations have grown from 13,000 to over 1.1 million
*Sources: US Fish & Wildilfe Service, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, National Sporting Goods Association
Dedicated to hunters and the hunting community
Our team shares a common vision: serving hunters and the hunting community in every way possible. If you believe we can use innovation and technology to better connect people to the primal world, instead of separating them from it, we welcome you to join us on our hunt.
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