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Join the Movement.

INSIDER is the industry leader for everything Western hunting

Filtering 2.0: Most powerful research tool ever created Instant, powerful research For instant research
Draw Odds: The most accurate in the industry Unbeatable accuracy Unbeatable accuracy
Complete coverage: 4,200+ units & seasons Every area & season Every hunt
Strategy Articles: In-depth analysis & insights Analysis & insights Premium content
INSIDER Points: Earn rewards, get free gear Earn rewards, get free gear Earn rewards, get free gear

Filtering 2.0

Changing how hunts are found.

For the first time ever, instantly find trophy units and opportunity hunts with customizable filters. Be your own hunting consultant.

Draw Odds

More accurate than anyone else.

Our hunters and data scientists spent hundreds of hours evaluating and modeling each state's draw process. Nothing else comes close to our meticulous level of accuracy.

Complete Coverage

4,200+ profiles. Every unit, species, and season.

  • In-depth analysis:

    Each profile is written in detail by a hunter with local experience.

    Written by local hunters

  • Interactive maps:

    Area boundaries, topo maps and satellite imagery.

    Area boundaries & more

  • Season trends:

    Past five years of applications, tag allocation and harvest success.

    Apps, tags, and more

  • Unit access:

    Each unit’s private land %, access issues and access points.

    Where & how to access

  • Camping & lodging:

    Where to go for lodging, food and fuel during the hunt.

    Where to stay and eat

  • Historical weather:

    Five year trends of temperature and precipitation, plus moon phases.

    Rain & temperature

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Join the Movement.

INSIDER is the industry leader for everything Western hunting


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is your unit information any different than the print magazines?

INSIDER provides analysis and tools for every unit, every species, and every hunt — in each state we cover. We don't just rate top 10 units, our coverage is much more comprehensive than what currently exists and lists every over-the-counter opportunity as well as limited entry hunts. Plus, being 100% online we have the ability to make updates to our information much faster. The print magazines only update their information once per year.

2. What states do you currently cover and what is your plan to add more?

We currently cover Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. Since we offer analysis and tools for every unit, adding states requires a ton of time and resources from our team. We are continually working on new states and that won't change.

3. How do your giveaways work?

Our giveaways are the most aggressive in the industry. At no additional charge, all INSIDERs are automatically entered in our monthly giveaways. We announce the winners at the beginning of each month.