Wyoming Backcountry Mule Deer Hunt Video Series With Randy Newberg

Wyoming Backcountry Mule Deer Hunt Video Series With Randy Newberg

Follow along with Randy Newberg, Beau Baty, and goHUNT Founder & CEO, Lorenzo Sartini on their Wyoming backcountry mule deer hunt. This hunt film has been cut into 4 separate episodes that you can watch down below! 

Wyoming (EP. 1)


On this hunt, Randy Newberg is heading deep into the public lands of Wyoming with Beau Baty and Lorenzo Sartini. Joining them are a string of llamas to help carry gear in and hopefully a few deer back out to the truck. Beau has recently gone through some experimental treatment for cancer, so he has doctor and wife's orders to take it easy. In episode 1, they take their time getting into camp and getting set up for a week of living in the backcountry. As the weather cooperates, they are able to do some glassing and put eyeballs on the mountain.

Beau finds just being there is a success, and is thankful to have this experience together. Nonetheless, they are able to glass up a few mule deer in the morning. With Randy being a trigger-happy meat hunter, Beau assures him they will see more mature bucks to go after and convinces Randy to wait to fill his tag.

Wyoming (EP. 2)


In episode 2 of this Wyoming mule deer hunt, the guys are up early to get the llamas ready and hike to a good glassing knob before first light. All three have mule deer tags to fill. For the morning, Beau splits off by himself while Randy and Lorenzo go to a different glassing knob, hoping to cover more country. Early morning, Lorenzo glasses up some small bucks but it's too early in the hunt to get overly excited. They glass all day but don't find anything real exciting. So they head back to camp and rest up for another day.

The next morning, with Beau too sick to hunt, they locate a huge buck from their glassing knob. Randy always makes the guest hunter shoot first, with no argument from Lorenzo. They wait for the buck to give him a good shot and Lorenzo hopes to fill his tag on a mature mule deer buck in the backcountry of Wyoming.

Wyoming (EP. 3)


In episode 3 of this Wyoming Mule Deer hunt, the crew has filled 1 of 3 tags. They hope to continue their success and find another buck to go after today. It doesn't take long and they glass up a couple of nice bucks. Randy and Beau argue about who should go after it. The bucks continue to feed into the timber so they decide to split up and wait the deer out, hoping they come out from the timber once evening comes. Randy goes and sits within range of the buck he is after, while Beau and Lorenzo do the same.

They continue to be patient waiting for the deer to get back up on their feet. Sure enough, right as evening approaches Lorenzo and Beau spot the big buck they are after. He is behind a tree so they have to continue to wait for him to feed out into a clean shooting lane. With any luck, Beau will fill his tag on an awesome buck with a unique rack.

Wyoming (EP. 4)


In episode 4 of this Wyoming Mule Deer hunt, only 1 tag remains unfilled. It is now Randy's turn to focus on finding a public land buck to shoot as Beau and Lorenzo have already filled their tags. Early before sunrise, they head to a glassing knob in hopes to turn up a good buck. Part way through the day the plan is for cameramen to switch, so Jonathan hikes out and swaps duties with Marcus Hockett who is hiking in.

On the way in Marcus gets uncomfortably close to a bull moose who is rutting. That evening Randy spots a great buck that he decides to go after. He's bedded out in the open, making for a difficult stalk. Randy slowly inches within range but has a hard time getting a good opportunity. Using their Mystery Ranch packs to create a makeshift shooting rest, he steadies his rifle and pulls the trigger on a mature public land muley.

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