Who's Gonna Carry The Bears - Part 2 — BIG HUNT GUYS Podcast Ep. 70

We are back with the part two hunt recap of Brady and Omar’s spring bear trip! Spoiler if you missed part one… they took two great bears! This week we dive into packing out Omar’s bear, and then hear about Brady’s crazy side of what happened when he took a bear. This week is filled with more spring bear tips, lots of lessons learned, mapping tricks for finding and recovering bears, gear advice, and much more.

Be sure to check out part one of this podcast series here.

Planning a spring bear hunt? Be sure to dive into GOHUNT's Insider research platform to put your best foot forward this season. We cover lots of information on bear hunting on our Filtering 2.0 research tool. Then, once you have an idea of the state and unit you want to hunt, don't forget to jump into GOHUNT Maps to fine tune your bear hunt plan and take all those waypoints into the field using our mobile app. Also, be sure to check out Brady's spring bear gear list to see what he used last year.

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