Limited time equals a fast-paced antelope hunt

I first hunted antelope in 2010. After taking several years to familiarize myself with the Wyoming draw system and finally securing a trophy tag, my next adventure was set: a solo Wyoming antelope hunt for the fall of 2015.

Tyler Preszlers Wyoming antelope doe from 2011
Tyler Preszler's Wyoming antelope doe from 2011. 
Tyler Preszlers Wyoming antelope doe from 2012
Tyler Preszler's Wyoming antelope doe from 2012.

During my first three years of hunting antelope in Wyoming, I successfully harvested five antelope does.
Wyoming landowner sign
Public lands in Wyoming can be very checkerboarded, which makes access difficult. Luckily, Wyoming offers great public hunting access through their walk in access program. I opted to hunt a walk in access ranch in 2015.

Small Wyoming antelope buck while scouting
After a 10-hour drive, I arrived in the unit two hours prior to sunset. With limited time, I chose to drive as much of the unit and glass as much country as I possibly could. After spotting 30 to 40 bucks that evening, including this small buck, I decided to head back to the water hole where I glassed a mature/dominant buck still rutting hard and chasing every small buck out of the country.

Wyoming sunset after scouting for antelope
The first evening came to a close with this beautiful Wyoming sunset.

Continued below.

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Tyler Preszlers Wyoming antelope buck upclose
My first morning brought me back to the only water hole in the area; it also overlooked the small basin where I had spotted the dominant buck the night before. Setting up in the dark next to the waterhole, I was able to glass up the mature buck during first light at 1,500 yards.

Scars on a Wyoming antelope buck
Immediately upon locating the dominant buck, he started chasing two does in my general direction. Before I had a chance to fully field judge this buck, his does were only 75 yards away, drinking from the water hole. Being an old buck, he was reluctant to come right into water and stayed back another 100 yards giving me a brief opportunity to at least see that his prongs forked 3” above his ears, but the horns lacked the classic heart shape curl.
Tyler Preszler 2015 Wyoming antelope buck side view
As the two does got wind of me, I touched off a round. He was just too dominant of a buck to pass up.
Tyler Preszler 2015 Wyoming antelope buck side view
This buck has a very unique horn configuration with a 13” tip-to-tip spread. Despite only having horn lengths of 12 ½”, he carries his mass up through his third quarter measurements. My 2015 Wyoming antelope unofficially scores just shy of 75”. 

Neck scar on Wyoming antelope buck

I couldn’t be more proud of this buck. Not only did his size far exceed my goal on this hunt, it is also was very evident, by his many scars, that this buck was the most dominant.
Back scar on a Wyoming antelope buck
Another one of the many large scars this old buck survived.
Tyler Preszlers 2015 Wyoming antelope buck
One last parting shot of my 2015 Wyoming antelope.


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