Shoot with confidence: Explore the best stock options for Browning X-Bolt rifles

Most of us here in the GOHUNT office shoot some version of the Browning X-Bolt. We love the platform. Whether we are running custom loads or factory ammunition, they’ve been incredibly accurate and have performed in any situation.

Let’s be honest: most hunters are gear fanatics and love to tweak any piece of gear they own. Rifles are no exception to that. There are endless combinations when it comes to what optic you mount, rifle slings, bipods, or ammo holders you can add. In my opinion, rifle stocks are that next level of customization you can make to your rifle, and there may be some added benefits that come along with it.

Below, I’ll run through some of the options we have tried with our X-Bolts.


There are a couple of great options from an industry leader of McMillan when it comes to rifle stocks. I’ve personally been shooting an X-Bolt with a carbon-fiber Game Scout. I love the fit and feel of it. It has a more vertical grip, but isn’t a totally tactical type of stock. It’s a great crossover if you are used to a more traditional hunting style of stock.

Brady's rifle with a McMillan A3-5 stock.

Another one from McMillan is their A3-5. This is more in that true tactical style stock. It has an adjustable cheekpiece, a flat forearm, and a butt hook for stability and control. Brady Miller has been shooting this stock on a couple of his rifles with great success.


Brandon's rifle with a Boyds Hardwood AT-ONE stock.

Boyds Hardwood Gunstocks have been around for a long time. I remember having a Ruger 10/22 with one of their stocks on it as a kid. They have expanded their offering into the Browning X-Bolt line with a lot of great options. I recently picked up an AT-ONE model for an X-Bolt chambered in 300 PRC. This stock allows you to adjust not only the cheekpiece, but also the length of pull. I was also able to change out the grip for a more vertical grip that I prefer. Being that I was putting it on a larger magnum-type rifle, I elected to have it pillar bedded with an aluminum pillar. The laminated hardwood has proven to be a solid rigid platform, and that rifle shoots incredibly well. 

Factory Browning options

Scott's Browning rifle with a MAX stock.

There are some great options straight from Browning. Their MAX stock is a great option if you are looking to purchase a new rifle. It has that vertical grip that I like and is fully adjustable in length of pull and on the cheekpiece.

Bryan's Browning with the Speed stock and Matthew's Fabrication cheek riser.

We understand that not everyone has the money to buy an aftermarket stock for their rifle, so another option is you can pick up a Matthew's Fabrication Cheek Riser at the GOHUNT Gear Shop to add to your rifle to get perfect eye alignment with your riflescope and shoot with confidence, while at the same time adding that custom feel.

The Browning Pro line of rifles comes with a classic style carbon fiber stock that many of our staff love. Also, the Speed stock is another classic option.

Matt's Browning X-Bolt Pro with a McMillan Game Scout Stock that was ordered directly from Browning.

You can even get a new Browning from the factory with a McMillan stock!

These are some of the options that we have tried and have had great success with. There has been more and more support for the X-Bolt platform, which is great to see. I’d love to hear and see some of the combinations or tweaks you all have made!


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