Five rifle season gear shop must-haves

Hillsound BTR Stool
The Hillsound BTR Stool, one of Chris Neville's picks. Photo credit: Brady Miller

It’s time to gear up for colder days, warmer layers and rifle hunting. Fortunately, goHUNT offers a plethora of great gear in their gear shop! Here are some personal top picks from our employees as they hit the field in pursuit of filling some rifle tags. 

Brady Miller

Rugged Ridge Outdoor Gear Extreme Rear Support System

Rugged Ridge Outdoor Gear Extreme Rear Support System

Brady spends a good portion of his year perfecting his rifles for when the one opportunity shows itself. Having a completely rock solid rest for taking long-range shots is key! Brady has utilized the Rugged Ridge Outdoor Gear Extreme Rear Support System for years now and his success shows its importance. Tipping the scales at a feathery 4.4 oz you won't even know it's in your pocket. The rear support can conveniently be folded up and stowed in a pocket so it can be easily deployed for use. Get that "shooting bench feel" when you’re miles from the truck. This is why the Rear Support is a staple in Brady’s pack for hunts. Offered in both black and blaze orange, Rugged Ridge has you covered.

Chris Neville

goHUNT GunSlicker Protective Cover and BTR Stool

GunSlicker Protective Cover

Weighing in at a mere 5 oz and also a steal for $25, the GunSlicker is a great addition for rifle season. The versatility of this item is great because it can fit almost every rifle configuration since it's adjustable from 38" to 56". When the snow starts to fly, it’s essential to protect debris from entering your barrel and protect your optic and chamber from flying snow and moisture. When the rifle is ready to come out and play, the GunSlicker can easily be removed and stuffed away to execute the shot.

Neville also added the Hillsound BTR Stool. The BTR is becoming a fan favorite for many western hunters whether they’re hunting spring bears or using it during general season rifle hunts. The best part? It’s only 12.6 to 14.7 oz. When hours spent glassing is the name of the game, it can be a joy to glass from a slightly elevated seat. Not having to sit on wet or snow-covered ground will keep you comfortable longer and be more successful at catching game in the glass instead of worrying about the elements making you uncomfortable. The BTR stool is also great around camp after dark or lacing boots on in the morning.

Cody Boor

Rugged Ridge Outdoor Gear Gen 2 Extreme Bipod

Rugged Ridge Outdoor Gear Gen 2 Extreme Bipod

Another Rugged Ridge item has entered the list, which is not a huge shocker due to the combination of being lightweight and user-friendly. The Rugged Ridge Outdoor Gear Gen 2 Extreme Bipod weighs only 13 oz or 13.7 (depending on the model) and uses a mix of carbon fiber and aluminum. It can pan and swivel using a ball head style mechanism at the pivot point. The bipod can be adjusted from 7” to  10" or, if you get the taller model, 10” to 14". Like the previous RR product, this bipod can be quickly attached or detached via the Picatinny rail attachment and oversized knurled tightening knob. Having a stable rifle for any shot no matter the distance is critical, which is why Cody and others in the goHUNT office put their trust in the Extreme Gen 2 from Rugged Ridge.

Anthony Wright

Kestrel 5700 Ballistic Calculator

Kestrel 5700 Ballistic Calculator
Photo credit: Anthony Wright

For me, and I'm sure a couple of others, my must-have is going to be the Kestrel 5700 Ballistic Calculator. Now, this item may seem like overkill for most, but when you take the time to know exactly what your bullet does once it leaves your barrel using the aid of a ballistic calculator, your shooting confidence will increase as well as your lethality. This doesn't mean you'll be able to shoot a whole lot further nor more accurately by any means — that requires practice (which isn't sold in the goHUNT just yet) — but with the technology of Bluetooth to your phone and instant data from current in-field weather conditions bringing input to your cartridge’s flight path, you now have the utmost confidence once you pull the trigger. Removing the variability of bad ballistics information is virtually gone and gone is the “ole Kentucky windage” method. Once familiar with the Kestrel system, which takes no time to learn, you'll have a better idea on ethical shots and what you must do to get them done.

Don’t wait to check out some of these amazing products over in the goHUNT Gear Shop and be sure to get them ordered before it’s too late!!     

As always, stay safe and hunt hard!


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