Quick and easy way to make delicious elk tacos

Quick and easy wild game elk taco recipe

Everyone loves tacos. They are good in the middle of winter, the heat of summer and even on a hunting trip in the backcountry. They're not only extremely tasty, but tacos are one of the quickest ways to cook your hard earned wild game meat. The elk can be cooked in a multitude of different ways, but I like to keep it simple when using elk meat in tacos due to the amount of other amazing ingredients. That being said, it really isn't necessary to make a marinade and soak your meat overnight. Hope you enjoy this recipe!


Ingredients needed for elk tacos

Minutes to prepare: ~ 15
Minutes to cook: ~ 15
Number of servings: ~ 4

Elk taco ingredients
1 tablespoonExtra Virgin Olive Oil
To tasteKosher salt
To tasteFreshly ground black pepper
ShreddedHead of lettuce
Small blockGrated cheese
1 packageCorn tortillas


Guacamole ingredients
3Ripe avocados
1/2Serrano pepper
1 tablespoonWhite onion
3 tablespoonsCilantro
To tasteKosher salt


Salsa ingredients
2Ripe tomatoes
1/2Serrano pepper
1 tablespoonWhite onion
3 tablespoonsCilantro
To tasteKosher salt



Getting ready to cook wild game

Step 1

Make the guacamole

Making guacamole for elk tacos

Pit avocados and remove the skin.

Mashing up avocados for guacamole

Next place the avocado into a bowl and mash with a potato masher. Leave the avocado a little chunky.

Mincing serrano peppers

Continued below.

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Mincing white onion

Next mince the serrano pepper and white onion. Then chop the cilantro. After the mincing, place all of the remaining ingredients from the guacamole section into a bowl and mix well.

Step 2

Make the salsa

Dicing tomatoes for salsa

Making salsa for elk tacos

Cut the tomatoes into small cubes and use some of the extra diced serrano pepper, white onion and cilantro and place them in a bowl.

Adding ingredients to salsa

Add some of the lime or lemon juice and mix well.

Step 3

Cutting the elk meat

Cut the elk meat into medium sized dices. Roughly 1/2" thick or smaller.

Step 4

Seasoning elk meat

Now heat the Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a pan on high heat until the oil is smoking hot. Then season the elk meat.

Cooking the elk meat and heating tortillas

Add the meat and cook for a couple minutes until the meat is well browned. Do NOT overcook the meat. The elk meat should be medium rare to medium when done. The key here is hot and fast.

Lightly charred tortillas

While the meat is cooking, heat the corn tortillas in a dry pan or directly over a burner flame. Keep the tortillas on the burner until they are a little charred and hot.

Cutting head of lettuce

Next, shred the lettuce.

Step 6

Adding elk meat to tortillas

Finally, place cooked elk meat on a tortilla.

Adding ingredients to elk tacos

Add a small amount of guacamole, salsa, cheese and shredded lettuce in each tortilla.

Quick and easy elk tacos

Serve and enjoy!

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