Freeze-dried food taste test: Peak Refuel Edition!

Peak Refuel freeze dried meal taste test

What everyone looks forward to after a long day of hunting! Photo credit: Brady Miller

As mentioned in the last freeze-dried taste test, selecting the right flavored freeze-dried meal can be tough for a backcountry hunt. This time, we have a taste test on some of the most popular flavors of Peak Refuel meals in our goHUNT Gear Shop. Find out what they picked as their favorite ones and... their least favorite ones!

We can't stress the importance of testing out a freeze-dried meal before you actually consume it on a hunt. The last thing you want is something that will destroy your body the next day. Check out our video review below:


We tested the following flavors:

After watching the video, let us know your thoughts on your favorite flavors of Peak Refuel. In case you missed the first round of Mountain House taste tests, you can check that video out through the button below.

Mountain House Taste Test

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