Tripod tip you've probably never heard of from Cody Nelson

All photo credits: Brady Miller

This was a technique very new for me when it comes to tripods…

A few weeks ago, I sat down with Cody Nelson, GOHUNT’s Optics Manager, and we recorded an episode of the Big Hunt Guys Podcast, The Glassing Guru Cody Nelson is back Ep. 75.

In that episode, he discussed a sweet tripod and tripod head tip that I have never heard of, but it’s one of those that, after hearing it, I wondered why I hadn’t had the idea to do it before. The trick Cody explained was a way to help ensure your tripod head doesn’t come lose from your tripod. We've all had it happen on some hunt, and this helps ensure your tripod and head has even better contact.

Securely mounting your tripod head to your tripod

When purchasing a new tripod, it might come in a kit (tripod and head) or you might purchase a tripod and head separately. What I've done in the past when I get a tripod, is I will take the kit apart if I bought it like that, and then put it back together. To take it a step further, I'll use a rubber pipe wrench strap and really tighten the head onto the tripod. Then I ensure all the set screws are tightened.

But there's a better way...

Step 1

This involved completely taking apart the upper portion of your tripod and pulling out the tripod head stud. You'll need to grab some sort of plumbers teflon tape and wrap it around the tripod head stud (luckily I always have some floating around my reloading room). Note: you can even place teflon tape on the small side and the large side to ensure you get proper grip no matter the situation.

Step 2

Place the tripod stud back into the tripod with the correct size stud facing up and assemble that portion back together correctly.

Step 3

Attach your tripod head of choice on your tripod.

Step 4

The final step I always do is to take a rubber style pipe wrench, and secure the head to the tripod. I'll tighten down the horizontal adjustment section of the tripod head as tight as I can get it, then wrap the pipe wrench around the head to really tighten it down. 

It's as simple as that. I've since taken apart all my tripods and applied this genius method from Cody Nelson!

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