The Bino Bandit and why you need one

Photo credit: Brady Miller

If you've ever sat on your favorite mountain top or hillside in the early morning waiting for the opportune time to glass up a great buck, then you have dealt with the glare of the sun as it crests the tip of the ridge next to you. What seems like the perfect morning to find a monster deer turns into an annoying battle with beams of light. A perfect spot like that does not come often and when you find one, you want to be able to sit all day, undisturbed, waiting patiently for a trophy to walk out. I often find myself in the perfect spot only to have one little ray that sneaks in my eye, right between the eyepiece and the corner of my eye.

Photo credit: Chad Ryker

I will turn my hat to the side or try sunglasses and I’ve even tried the sideways hat with sunglasses and a hood pulled up past the binos. It’s all frustrating when you are in the moment and waiting for that deer to come out. You’re trying to remain somewhat still and glass the edges of the timber across the valley. Instead, all you are doing is wrestling with your positions.

Glassing problem solved!

Photo credit: Brady Miller

I recently picked up a Bino Bandit from the GOHUNT Gear Shop and the problem is solved. The Bino Bandit is a small lightweight neoprene cover that fits over the eyecups of your binoculars. It is designed to keep the elements out of your eyes while you sit and glass from that perfect spot.

All other photo credits: Chad Ryker

It blocks out the sun from all angles and will reduce the amount of wind that blows between your face and the binoculars, which can dry out your eyes and increase eye strain. All of these elements can impact your glassing and even push you off of your favorite glassing nob.

I recommend giving the Bino Bandit a try if you spend a lot of time in the early morning or late afternoon and evening glassing for animals. It’s cheap at only $16, lightweight and, most importantly, it works.

Learn more about the Bino Bandit here


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