Just released — Three new rangefinders from Vortex

Photo credit: Brady Miller

It’s always exciting when companies release new products. And today, April 28, Vortex Optics just released three new rangefinders to their lineup, and they are available to purchase right now in the GOHUNT Gear Shop.

The new rangefinders are:

- Viper HD 3000
- Diamondback HD 2000
- Crossfire HD 1400

These rangefinders are packed with great features and fit a great price point! I’ve been testing them for almost three weeks now while shooting my rifle, and I can say they hit their marks in terms of specs and ranging capabilities! This new line aligns with their Viper, Diamondback, and Crossfire binocular line. All these new rangefinders have the Horizontal Component Distance (HCD) for angle compensation and Line Of Sight (LOS) mode, plus Scan mode. Perfect for rifle and bowhunters whether you chase whitetails or hunt big game in the West. All of these rangefinders also come with a soft carrying case.

New Vortex Rangefinder Specs

 Viper HD 3000Diamondback HD 2000Crossfire HD 1400
Weight9.1 oz7.6 oz4.8 oz
Accuracy+/- 1 yard
@ 100 yards
+/- 1 yard
@ 100 yards
+/- 1 yard
@ 100 yards
Max Reflective Range3,000 yards2,000 yards1,400 yards
Tree Range2,300 yards1,800 yards950 yards
Deer Range2,000 yards1,400 yards750 yards
Min Range6 yards5 yards5 yards
Linear Field of View
(at 1,000 yards)
Angular Field of View6 degrees6.4 degrees7 degrees

Viper HD 3000 Laser Rangefinder

This is a great do-it-all rangefinder!

A quick look at benefits:

  • 7x magnification - not too much for archery, enough for rifle
  • Aluminum frame
  • Twist out eyecup
    • Diopter twist setting
  • Tripod compatible
  • ELR, Normal, First, and Last target modes
  • XR Plus Lens Coating
  • Red OLED display
  • A great price point at $399.99


  • Reflective: Up to 3,000 yards
  • Tree: Up to 2,300 yards
  • Deer: Up to 2,000 yards

Note: if you use a ballistic calculator app on your phone, drop chart, etc, you should use LOS mode for shots past 500 yards.

Purchase the Viper HD 3000 here

Diamondback HD 2000 Laser Rangefinder

A quick look at benefits:

  • Tripod compatible
  • Normal and last target modes
  • XR Lens Coatings
  • HD Optical System
  • Red OLED display
  • Affordable at $299.99


  • Reflective: Up to 2,000 yards
  • Tree: Up to 1,800 yards
  • Deer: Up to 1,400 yards

Purchase the Diamondback HD 2000 here

Crossfire HD 1400 Laser Rangefinder

Simple design, light, and still packed with features. One area to note, the range button is at the top and the menu button is on the side.

A quick look at benefits:

  • Crazy light at 4.8 oz! Perfect if you're really counting your ounces
  • Everything you need and nothing you don't need
  • Normal, First, Last target modes
  • Red TOLED display
  • XR Lens Coatings
  • HD Optical System
  • Super affordable if you need a rangefinder without breaking the bank at $199.99


  • Reflective: Up to 1,400 yards
  • Tree: Up to 950 yards
  • Deer: Up to 750 yards

Purchase the Crossfire HD 1400  here

If you have any questions about these rangefinders, I’d be more than happy to help and you can drop any questions in this article. Also, you can also reach out to our Optics Manager, Cody Nelson. He is a wealth of knowledge and a person you should take advantage of when deciding what optics to purchase. Cody can be reached at optics@gohunt.com or call him at (702) 847-8747 | Ext. 2.


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