Just released — Vortex Razor UHD 10x50 Binoculars

Just released Vortex Razor UHD 10x50 binoculars

Letting the glass do the walking with the new Razor UHD 10x50 binoculars. Photo credit: Luke Dusenbury

Today, Vortex Optics just released their brand new for 2021 Razor UHD 10x50 binocular! This sweet binocular is one that I’ve been excited to share for some time because I’ve been using it on a bunch of hunts and scouting trips since January of 2021.

The Razor Ultra-High Definition binoculars are the highest quality binoculars that Vortex has produced to date and I like to describe the 10x50s as the classic 10x42 binoculars on steroids.

What makes this optic stand out?

Vortex Razor UHD 10x50 binoculars

The Razor UHD 10x50 shines in low light! Photo credit: Brady Miller

I love quality optics that serve a purpose for me as a mule deer hunter... because you can’t kill what you can’t find. The 10x50s are the big brother of the classic 10x42s that most people are used to hearing about, and in my mind, these new 10x50s are the perfect crossover optic for someone who hunts both out West and even in cornfield or thicket type country on the east coast.

I strongly feel you're gaining an advantage when you pick up 50mm objective binoculars. The Razor UHD 10x50s are still great for hand-holding and they perform amazingly well on a tripod. These are a great pair of optics if you’re not comfortable hand holding 12 power binoculars all the time as some people have a hard time holding them steady with the amount of power. Plus, if you’re not really hunting out West all the time, the 10x50s will be a workhorse for you on all your regular hunts in your backyard.

The big thing to me is the low light performance. And… they're available in the goHUNT Gear Shop right now!

Check out the Vortex Razor UHD 10x50 here


Check out the video to learn directly from the source how awesome these binoculars are! I was joined by Vortex's Mike McDowell who is the Customer Sales Specialist and we walk through the details of the Razor UHD 10x50s.

Defining the UHD line

Glassing with Vortex Razor UHD 10x50 binoculars

The Razor UHD 10x50s have been put to the test all winter on mule deer hunts, spring black bear and this summer scouting. Photo credit: Luke Dusenbury

According to Vortex the UHD Optical System provides, "Ultra high definition optical quality and prescription for unparalleled image resolution that cuts chromatic aberration; providing exceptional color fidelity, edge-to-edge sharpness, and light transmission."

The UHD line uses Abbe Koenig Prisms. These prisms are longer than the previous version. Along with the new prisms, the Razor UHD line utilizes advanced lens coatings to help conquer low-light situations, and multi-layered coatings on the prism keep images bright and clear. They also feature improved edge-to-edge clarity. The area that excites me the most, is picking up more light with the Razor UHD 10x50s!

Vortex's Razor UHD Binocular Comparison

Weight32.2 oz32.2 oz36.5 oz36.1 oz41.6 oz
Dimensions7"x5.6"7"x5.6"7.6" x 5.9"7"x5.8"8.3"x6.1"
Objective Lens Diameter42mm42mm50mm50mm56mm
Field of View @1,000 yards420'346'341'236'194'
Field of View
Eye Relief16.7 mm16.7 mm18 mm17 mm18 mm
Exit Pupil5.25 mm4.2 mm5.0 mm4.1 mm3.1 mm
Close Focus3.3 ft3.3 ft6.6 ft6.6 ft10 ft
Manufacturer WarrantyLifetimeLifetimeLifetimeLifetimeLifetime

What’s included

  • Binocular case
  • Binocular harness
  • Accessory/ammo pouch
  • Ocular lens covers
  • Objective lens covers
  • Lens cloth
  • Comfort neck strap
  • Manual
  • Inspection card

Why 10x50s

More light! That right there instantly sets the Razor UHD 10x50 apart from the classic Razor UHD 10x42. You have the phenomenal field of view, but now you are gaining enhanced low light performance. This is huge when you are working over an area trying to find that monarch that seems to be sticking to the shadows in the timber.

My use case for 10x50s

Scouting with Vortex Razor UHD 10x50 binoculars

Rain, snow and low light... these binoculars have been tested in every condition this past year. Photo credit: Brady Miller

These are perfect for long hours of glassing in my opinion. Plus they are extremely bright! And… they are compatible on a tripod with either the Pro Binocular Adapter or the Sport Adapter due to the ¼”-20 thread. 

Optics that make it into my mule deer hunting tool kit are well thought out. Everyone knows I’m a huge fan of Vortex’s Razor UHD 12x50 binoculars and I’ve been just as impressed using the 10x50 version this past year.

If you already have a giant spotting scope where you can do a lot of your detailed work, then I’d say these 10x50 will work wonders for you for locating animals.

If you have any questions about these binoculars, I’d be more than happy to help and you can drop any questions in this article. Also, you can also reach out to our Optics Manager Cody Nelson. He is a wealth of knowledge and a person you should take advantage of when deciding what optics to purchase. Cody can be reached at optics@gohunt.com or call him at (702) 847-8747 | Ext. 2.

Purchase the Vortex Razor UHD 10x50 here


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