YETI Panga duffels - The best travel bag for hunting

All photo credits: Brady Miller

When traveling for a hunt, it’s nice to have a bag that holds up to any weather condition. When you travel with hunting gear, there are going to be times when your gear gets exposed to the elements. There's nothing worse than having wet gear, so I store my gear in a bag that is built to be out in the elements. I’ve been using the YETI Panga bags for quite a few years now on hunts. It's basically a dry bag on steroids! I’m fortunate to go on several out-of-state hunts a year, and this is a bag that I never leave home without. 

What I love about the Panga Duffel

It’s honestly the perfect bag when you're flying to your hunting destination. The rugged design has held up great to all the flights I’ve taken it on. And I’ve even used it to haul some meat back on the airplane (Note: it's not a cooler, but if you have your meat frozen and it's a quick flight during fall temperatures, it shouldn't be an issue with any meat getting too warm). I also don't have to worry about an airline or my truck beating up this bag. The bottom is made from an EVA molded bottom and sports a ThickSkin Shell made from nylon to help keep it puncture-resistant. 

Then if you’re the person who is able to drive to your hunts, just toss your gear in this bag and then let it ride in the bed of your truck and you'll have 100% confidence the gear will stay dry. That’s an important feature to have, as not all of us have a topper/cover on our truck beds, and we routinely drive through rain and snow on the way to our hunts. This is where some other bags might come up short, and the big feature that aids in this is the Hydrolok zipper; it keeps water out, ensuring your hunting gear stays dry.

I’ll also comment that at first, I wondered, “when will I use these backpack straps on a duffel this size?” And “why doesn’t it just have a single strap across the middle?” It wasn’t too long before I realized this strap design is perfect. I now use those backpack-style straps every time I carry this bag. It just makes it more comfortable when you fill this bag up and have to walk it through an airport and wear it like a backpack. And if you don't want to wear it like a backpack, the straps can just be grabbed like a typical duffel strap design.

If you’re looking for a do-it-all duffel bag for hunting, this is it! My personal favorite is the 100-liter size. I can easily toss my extra clothes, sleeping bag, and other accessories in a bag of this size with ease.

The YETI Panga duffel bags come in three different sizes (50, 75, and 100 liters) and two colors (Storm Grey and newly released Tan).

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