The perfect backcountry mug!

Boiling water in the backcountry. Photo credit: Brady Miller

When you need to build a lightweight stove kit for the backcountry to boil water, or if you want a titanium cup in the mountains to drink coffee out of, look no further than the new GOHUNT Titanium Mug

Our new mug has a total volume of 24 ounces and weighs in at only 4.4 ounces! It comes in two different versions (bail handle and no bail handle). It sports a laser-etched GOHUNT logo on the outside, and ounces and milliliters are stamped on the mug, so you can quickly see how much water you have added by looking at the inside of the mug.

One of the big benefits of this mug is that it fits a 4 oz can of isobutane fuel, and you could even fit an MSR PocketRocket style stove (or similar-sized stove) inside as well.

Pick up the GOHUNT Titanium Mug here

Photo credit: Brady Miller

For those that don’t have a glove handy, the handles are thermal plastic coated, which makes them easy to grab when your mug is hot after boiling water.

Photo credit: Lane Colyer

Also, if you’re a person who likes to have your camping items in a storage bag, you’ll get a branded nylon ripstop storage bag with your purchase.

So if you’re looking for a lightweight mug to drink out of or a mug for boiling water in the backcountry, you won’t be disappointed with the new GOHUNT Titanium Mug.

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