The glove you need to have with you on every hunt

Photo credit: Luke Dusenbury

Gloves are gloves, right? Well… not exactly. 

It might seem a little crazy, but I have a favorite pair of gloves are with me on every single hunt I go on, and those are the SITKA Gunner WS Gloves. These are the gloves I probably get asked the most questions about, as pretty much any photo I share in articles or other places on the internet and even on hunt films... I'm wearing them. 

So why the Gunner Gloves?

SITKA Gunner Gloves after cutting wood for a hot tent set up on a hunt. Photo credit: Brady Miller

For one, in my opinion, these gloves just are purpose-built for hunting. Think of your favorite pair of leather work gloves that go with you everywhere, but with a hunting-focused twist. These gloves are perfect for working around camp (cutting wood, pitching a shelter), plus they are my go-to gloves when I’m hiking and for glassing when I need a little something to cut the edge from the wind/cold. When it comes to gloves, sure, one can assume that all gloves from different brands are built the same and use quality materials. But I've found over the years that just isn't the case. You can't just go to a store and pick up a pair of gloves and expect them to hold up to hunting conditions. Especially a glove that is built to see use.

Photo credit: Luke Dusenbury

But the great part these gloves actually provide some added warmth thanks to their GORE-TEX INFINIUM with WINDSTOPPER liner. I have long arms, so I use gloves a lot to keep my hands warm. I wouldn't say that these are the end-all solution on a really cold hunt, but they do add some warmth and keep your hands off the metal portions of a tripod head which will make your hands numb very quickly. Trust me there... using bare hands in cold temperatures isn't fun. I know from experience.

Another benefit is you actually have a great deal of dexterity in your fingers. So if you need to take a shot with a rifle and don’t have time to pull them off, you can still execute a perfect shot.

I love these gloves so much that on one hunt, I spent hours on the mountain trying to find a glove I dropped that I mistakenly took off and forgot I didn’t have it on when I started hiking. Then another time I dropped a glove while packing out a buck in 2021, and the next morning, I hiked a mile out of my way to go retrieve the glove as I had a good idea where I lost it. Luckily I found the glove!

If you’re looking for the perfect do-it-all glove, you won’t be disappointed in the Sitka Gunner WS glove!

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