Recently added — The GOHUNT Essential Spork

The GOHUNT Essential Spork on hunt this past fall. Photo credit: Brady Miller

When it comes to gear, we are fortunate to have lots of choices. That’s the beauty of being a hunter today. Speaking of choices, the backcountry cook kit is an area that seems to be ever evolving; hunters are always looking for the perfect items for their backcountry meals. And a lightweight spork is one of the things that you might not realize will make your day that much brighter. We recently released our version of the spork called the GOHUNT Essential Spork, and in my opinion, it’s everything you need and nothing you don’t need when it comes to enjoying those earned meals in the mountains.

Pick up the GOHUNT Essential Spork here

Isn’t a spork just a spork?

While a spork isn’t anything groundbreaking, there are some features I look for in sporks I have bought in the past. Those two features are weight and length. Everything else is pretty standard.

For a person who likes to count ounces (I count ounces to try to save weight in other areas since I do carry some heavy pieces of gear that I won’t cut), there are certain pieces of gear that just need to be as light as possible. The GOHUNT Essential Spork weighs in at 0.4 oz and is made out of titanium. It will literally float away if you don’t lock it down and so we've also included a rip-stop nylon bag with a reflective print to make sure you don't lose it inside your shelter.

No more "digging in the bag" and getting your hands full of food.

The length of a backcountry spork is also important. I’ve tried some shorter sporks in the past, and while they seemed great in design, they are annoying to dig inside a meal bag. You not only get your fingers full of food (food that you’d rather not lick off your dirty hands), but you also coat the side of your spork with food. Sure, we are in the mountains, and things aren’t supposed to be perfect. But there are some backcountry meals where the food just sticks to a spork, and I don’t want to deal with trying to clean a spork all the time after I’m done eating. At 8.5 inches long, it’s the perfect length to dig into your favorite meal.

Plus, the spork comes with a little GOHUNT flare on the handle. If you're in the market to upgrade your cook kit, the Essential Spork will be a great addition on your next hunt.

Learn more about the GOHUNT Essential Spork here


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