New for 2023 — GOHUNT Game Bags

That feeling when you finally make it back to your truck. Photo credit: Brady Miller

When hunting, meat care is everything. One of the best ways to ensure your wild game meat is in great condition from the field to your home is by using a quality game bag. Well… we recently released our own game bag! In the development of our game bag, we took many ideas from the team at GOHUNT, and we tested, refined, and built a system of game bags that we are extremely proud of! That led to the GOHUNT Pack Out Game Bags.

Myself and the team have been testing out these game bags a lot over the past year in all sorts of different mountain hunts. I love the design, materials, and overall structure of our game bags. I’ve used a ton of different game bags over the years, and these check all the right boxes for me.


If you're a visual person, check out the video below to learn more about our game bags:

Breathability and keeping out bugs are critical when it comes to game bags. Our game bags are made out of synthetic nylon.

We incorporated a cinch-tight drawcord, plus ultralight reflective handles that can hold over 100 lbs each (I tested their strength a bunch this past spring). We also added a small section of reflective material on the game bag and kept it thin enough to ensure your meat can still breathe.

Getting meat into game bags used to be a pain, but we fixed that. The bags are wider at the top, so you can get a quarter in easily (also handy when dropping in de-boned meat). Then the bottom half tapers in slightly to allow gravity to compress the meat into a slimmer profile while keeping it symmetrical for evenly distributed pack outs. Also, we used one giant panel down the front and back of the bags to reduce the seams at the bottom of the game bag. This also adds extra strength.

Seam strength is a big one regarding the longevity of game bags. We used a felled seam to reinforce all the bag’s seams. This seam style is used on jean construction to prevent blowing out seams on jeans meant for heavy use. Our seams will not fail… ever!

I used the GOHUNT Pack Out Game Bag on a recent Aoudad hunt.

Game bag specifications

You can purchase our game bags as singles (small, medium, large) or in an elk or deer set.

Purchase game bag sets here Purchase game bag singles here

All game bags come with a lifetime warranty (which protects against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use).

Individual bags

Size reference of the GOHUNT Pack Out Game bags.

I personally like to purchase game bags individually as I can customize exactly what size bags I need, and the quantity. These are also perfect if you decide you want to round out your game bag kit with an extra bag.

The large GOHUNT Pack Out Game bag is designed to fit a bone-in elk quarter. I've also used this size to fit a large bear hide this spring.

Large GOHUNT Game Bag Dimensions


Width: 18”
Height: 35”
Depth: 5.5”


3.8 oz

The medium game bag is designed for a bone-in deer quarter or boned-elk elk quarter.

Medium GOHUNT Game Bag Dimensions


Width: 13.75”
Height: 30”
Depth: 4.75”


2.8 oz

The small game bag is designed for miscellaneous portions of wild game meat.

Small GOHUNT Game Bag Dimensions


Width: 10”
Height: 18”
Depth: 3”


1.6 oz

Game bag sets

Our kits come with five total game bags, a gear bag to store your game bags, plus a set of XL blaze orange latex-free gloves.

Elk set

GOHUNT Pack Out Game Bag Elk Set Dimensions

5-liter Gear Bag


Weight of kit

1 lb. 2.2 oz


4 large game bags (24” tapering to 15”) with a height of 35”
1 small game bag (13” tapering to 6”) with a height of 20”

Deer set

GOHUNT Pack Out Game Bag Deer Set Dimensions

2.2-liter Gear Bag


Weight of kit

15 oz


4 medium game bags (18.5” tapering to 12.5”) with a height of 28”
1 small game bag (13” tapering to 6”) with a height of 20”

Closing thoughts

Hanging meat last fall using the GOHUNT game bags. Photo credit: Bryan Campos

It's been fun to see this project come from conception to the finish line, and put the game bags through some real-world tests! Keep in mind that we also sell several different brands of game bags in the GOHUNT Gear Shop. So now, you have more options.

Purchase GOHUNT game bag sets here Purchase GOHUNT game bag singles here


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