King's Camo now available in the GOHUNT Gear Shop!

Photo credit: Cody Boor

Hunters these days deserve quality clothing. That quality clothing can allow you to hunt more effectively and also keep you stay safe no matter if you’re hunting deep in the backcountry, or just going out each day from your truck. We are very excited to announce that the King’s Camo EXG lineup is now available in the GOHUNT Gear Shop!

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The why of adding King's

If you didn’t know, our Founder, Lorenzo, first started big game hunting in King’s Camo back in the day when he was younger, and last year he started to wear it again. Quickly after last season, he knew it was premium gear that needed to be offered to our customers.

So it’s nice to come full circle and bring this offering to our shop with Lorenzo having so much history in his early year's hunting. The new tech evolution recently of King’s to the western big game hunter has been something exciting to see. 

The XKG line was designed for western hunters and King’s should definitely be in the conversation of a go-to brand. As such, King’s is something that we feel should be available to more hunters. And we are so excited to now have this great brand available to hunters who use our Gear Shop.

If you haven’t tried the King’s XKG line, what you’re getting is quality gear, at the right price. As always, we are very passionate about only carrying items in our Gear Shop that we use and trust.

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2022 hunting season success using King's Camo

Our team has been putting King’s Camo to work on elk hunts this fall, and we're excited about this recent addition to our shop, at a killer price for hunters.

Brandon Evan's with his 2022 Utah bull elk.

Lorenzo's wife with her 2022 archery bull elk.

Bryan Campos with his 2022 archery Arizona bull elk.


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