Just released — New Ibex Mini by Goat Knives

The Ibex Mini on my recent spring bear hunt. Photo credit: Brady Miller

Innovation is a great thing. And the people over at Goat Knives keep stepping up their game! Today, they just released a brand new knife to their lineup called the Ibex Mini. This isn’t your typical knife by any means!

Cutting ounces without sacrificing durability!

If you’re looking to further shed some weight for those grueling backcountry hunts, then this knife is right up your alley. It weighs in at a remarkable 0.634 ounces (that is less than an ounce) and is a replaceable blade knife. I've really grown to enjoy the simplicity of replaceable blade knives. Never having to worry about sharpening a knife is a great benefit!

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I've already used this knife on a recent spring black bear hunt and it worked phenomenally! Not only did it shave some weight out of my kill kit, but it flat-out works.

The Ibex Mini fits nicely in my hand, and I never once had to worry about the knife slipping due to the jimping on the top and bottom of the knife, even when cutting up a bear under in the dark. Those are the times when you're glad to be using a well-crafted knife. 

And, just like all Goat Knifes, the Ibex Mini also sports the ¼" drive hex cut out, which means this knife has double the use as you can attach ¼” bits to the handle of the knife to repair your bow, rifle, tripod legs, etc. Being able to fix pretty much anything on a hunt is a huge plus, and having gear that serves two purposes is a win!


  • Overall length of 5 5/8" with a full-length handle provides ample grip
  • Titanium construction
  • 1/4" drive hex cut out adds versatility
    • Just bring along 1/4" bits for various parts of your hunting gear to fix things on the fly
  • Kydex carrying sheath included
  • The Ibex Mini will accomdate 60A, 60XT blades
    • Three replaceable blades are included

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