Initial thoughts on KUIU’s new summer 2016 products

KUIU live 2016 product releases

KUIU’s New 2016 Summer Releases

Tomorrow the Founder of KUIU, Jason Hairston, is doing another live stream broadcast to showcase new 2016 summer product releases. If you’ve never viewed one of the live events, you will need to register and then check out the live video at the designated time. The great part about the live stream is you can ask questions about each product and KUIU staff will respond to your questions. KUIU has over 10 categories of products to release tomorrow and some categories have multiple items.

The KUIU Live event will take place tomorrow, June 30 at 10:30 a.m. PST. You can register for the KUIU Live by clicking the link below.

View the KUIU LIVE event here

Below I am going to give a description of each new product as well as my initial thoughts. From what I have seen so far, I am very impressed with the new products. I have used similar items throughout the years, so I know these products are going to hit another home run in the mountain hunting world.

2016 KUIU Pack Line

KUIU is releasing some updates to the popular ICON Pro and ULTRA backpack line. The packs are now sporting a new material and they created a new frame that is made from molded Spread Tow carbon fiber and they now have siliconized anti-slip print on the lumbar pads. In case anyone is wondering, the new packs will fit on last year's frame. When comparing the older ICON Pro and the ULTRA's, it seems like some of the new pack weights are very similar and others are slightly heavier. It will be interesting to hear more about the new frame, the weight and the strength during tomorrow's live stream. 

2016 ICON Pro packs

2016 KUIU ICON PRO 7200 Backpack

Photo credit: KUIU

Technical features  

  • 500D Cordura Nylon Ripstop Fabric  
  • Modular System (One frame & suspension - use any ICON Pro or ULTRA Bag)

Frame and suspension  

  • Revolutionary molded Spread Tow carbon fiber frame (2 sizes) (New)
  • Dual density foam padded shoulder straps and waist belt (2 sizes)
  • Built in T-Lock Track System for easy torso length adjustment
  • Siliconized anti-slip print on lumbar pad (new)
  • Internal waist belt structure for added support
  • Power-Pulls on waist belt for easy tightening

Organization configuration

  • Horseshoe zipper opening
  • Strategically placed internal and external pocketing
  • Internal lashing system

Individual ICON Pro pack sizes and weights

ICON Pro 1850

  • 4 pounds 1.4 ounces (full kit)
  • 1850 cubic inch capacity

ICON Pro 3200

  • 4 pounds 4.2 ounces (full kit)
  • 3200 cubic inch capacity

ICON Pro 5200

  • 5 pounds 9.8 ounces (full kit)
  • 5200 cubic inch capacity

ICON Pro 7200

  • 5 pounds 13.1 ounces (full kit)
  • 7200 cubic inch capacity

2016 ULTRA packs

2016 KUIU Ultra 6000 Backpack

Photo credit: KUIU

Technical features

  • 330D HT (high tenacity) Cordura Nylon Ripstop Fabric
  • Modular System (1 frame & suspension – use any ULTRA or ICON Pro Bag)

Frame & suspension

  • Revolutionary molded Spread Tow carbon fiber frame (2 sizes) (New)
  • Dual density foam padded shoulder straps and waist belt (2 sizes)
  • Built in T-Lock Track System for easy torso length adjustment
  • Siliconized anti-slip dots on lumbar pad (new)
  • Increased structure added to the waist belt for better weight distribution (new)
  • Side release buckles on frame compression straps (new)

Organization configuration

  • Single side zipper and top access to minimize weight
  • Minimal pocketing & removable lid with single pocket
  • Load sling capable for 2500 ci additional carrying capacity

Individual ULTRA pack sizes and weights

ULTRA 1800

  • 3 pounds 1.5 ounces (full kit)
  • 1800 cubic inch capacity

ULTRA 3000

  • 3 pounds 4.3 ounces (full kit)
  • 3000 cubic inch capacity

ULTRA 6000

  • 3 pounds 12.7 ounces (full kit)
  • 6000 cubic inch capacity

2016 Mountain Star two person tent

KUIU Mountain Star Two Person Tent
Photo credit: KUIU

The KUIU Mountain Star - 2P tent got a few upgrades this year. The tent has now incorporated some of the features that are on the Storm Star 2P tent and the new design weighs the same as the older version. The Mountain Star now has an asymmetrical shape (shoulder area is wider than the foot area) which makes it more comfortable for two guys to sleep shoulder to shoulder. This is highly beneficial because as we all know… mountain hunters are drastically different in size from smaller mountaineering backpackers. Now two hunters or a hunter and a guide can cut more weight from their packs by only carrying one tent, and still comfortably sleeping side-by-side.

The tent was also upgraded with dual matching down-wind doors and vestibules.

Technical features:

  • 3 lbs. 3.3 ounces with carbon poles
  • 3 lbs. 4.6 ounces with aluminum poles
  • Robust 3 plus season design
  • External pole design
  • Asymmetrical floor shape for comfortable shoulder-to-shoulder sleeping (new)
  • Dual matching down-wind doors and vestibules (new)
  • Suspended double wall tent design
  • Silicone/PU coated nylon fabric


  • Capacity: 2 person
  • Season rated: Robust 3 season
  • Waterproof rated: 1200 mm

2016 Mountain Star - 2P Footprint

Technical features:

  • Asymmetrical shape to match tent (new)
  • Corner stake-outs provide easy attachment
  • Sized to prevent pooling of water under tent

Continued below.

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2016 KUIU Boned Out Meat and Quarter Bags

Of all the new summer release products, these game bags and quarter bags might be the ones I am most excited about. Typical game bags and boned out meat bags I have used in the past are too long and the meat just piles up in the bottom of the bag. The KUIU boned out meat bag seems to solve that with the duffel bag and handle design. Plus, with the outer seam on the side of the bags and not on the bottom, these bags should hold up to some serious abuse. Older traditional game bags were made by sewing two panels of rectangular fabric together on the sides and bottom. The seam on the bottom is a high stress area and has the potential to fail. I’m very interested in learning more about the materials that the KUIU quarter bags and boned out meat bags are made out of. The product description says they are made with a high end material, called Taslan nylon.

From what I have researched, the Taslan Nylon almost weighs a third of cotton canvas. The Taslan Nylon also has a high combination of tear strength while maintaining high levels of breathability. I'm sure these will be very lightweight and strong game bags.

Not only is the bag material and sewing construction different, but the shape of the bag allows weight to be shaved off. Traditional game bags are rectangular, but the new quarter bags and boned out meat bags have a radial bottom. This also happens to be the shape of the bottom of an animal quarter which I am assuming was done intentionally.

2016 KUIU Boned Out Meat Bags

KUIU Zippered Boned Out Meat Bags
Photo credit: KUIU

The handles are great addition and allow you to pick up or hang boneless meat to cool while keeping it evenly distributed throughout the bag. A great feature of these bags is when meat is picked up or hung by the handles it will not slide down and ball up at the bottom. This feature allows for improved airflow keep you meat cool.

Technical features:

  • Unique zipper design
  • Handles for easy carrying and hanging
  • 3 sizes – Small, Medium Narrow, Large
  • 70D x 160D HT (high tenacity) Taslan nylon fabric
  • Double needle felled seams for maximum strength

2016 KUIU Quarter Game Bags

KUIU Quarter Game Bags

Photo credit: KUIU

Technical features:

  • Cinch closure
  • High visibility side panels
  • 4 sizes – Small (small deer); Medium (large deer); Large (elk); Extra Large (moose)
  • 70D x 160D HT (high tenacity) Taslan nylon fabric
  • Double needle felled seams for maximum strength

2016 Peloton 130 Glove

KUIU Peloton 130 Glove

Photo credit: KUIU

These should be the perfect solution for early season hunts. I have grown to love the Peloton lineup, and these glove are going to excel when you need some protection from the sun on an August bowhunt or just a little added warmth on early morning or evening glassing sessions in the summer. Also, the added length is perfect for bowhunters who hunt with a wrist strap caliper release and want the added camouflage on their hands.

Technical features:

  • 130 g/m² fabric weight
  • 100% polyester Toray Primeflex knit
  • Ultralight warm weather camouflage cover or liner glove
  • Conductive material at index finger and thumb
  • Extended straight cuff for use with a bow release

2016 Peloton 200 Glove

KUIU Peloton 200 Glove

Photo credit: KUIU

The popular Peloton 200 glove got a slight upgrade. I've been using the older 200 series Peloton glove on most of my spring turkey and mule deer scouting trips this year and really love how versatile that glove is. It is one of the most comfortable pairs of gloves I have ever had. The new features of this glove for the summer 2016 release are the conductive material that are added to the index finger and thumb. I am assuming this material was added so you can use touch screen devices like cell phones and GPS units. I'm sure we will find out more information on the release tomorrow.

Technical features:

  • 200 g/m² fabric weight
  • Conductive material at index finger and thumb (new)
  • Anti-pilling and fast drying
  • Brushed fleece interior increases insulation

2016 KUIU Scree Gaiter

KUIU Scree Gaiters
Photo credit: KUIU

Anyone who knows me or has seen photos from my hunts will know I am huge promoter of boot or shoe gaiters on any hunt, no matter the season. I hate getting small rocks or other debris on my socks and in my shoes. A huge homerun is the silicone non-slip section that was added to the upper section of the Scree Gaiter so your pants don't pull through.  

Stay tuned for the article I am releasing soon on why I feel boot gaiters are a must for Western hunting.

Technical features:

  • Short boot gaiter for protection against rocks, foxtails, and other debris
  • Highly abrasion resistance and air permeable
  • 140D x 500D 4 way stretch nylon fabric
  • DWR coated for water resistance
  • Silicone non-slip print on the upper cuff to keep pants from pulling through

2016 KUIU Glassing Pad

KUIU Glassing Pad
Photo credit: KUIU

KUIU takes a must have item for glassing and made it even better. They kept the design simple, yet it will function perfectly. I normally use a cut up section from a sleeping pad to sit on while glassing, but I really like that this glassing pad has webbing loops so I can attach it to the outside of my pack for even quicker access.

Technical features:

  • Seat cushion that allows for comfortable sitting and kneeling in the field
  • 1.9 oz. ultralight design
  • 330D HT (high tenacity) Cordura Nylon Ripstop fabric
  • Closed cell foam for water resistance and durability
  • Webbing loops to attach to pack or belt
  • Fits conveniently between your KUIU pack bag and frame


Overall I feel like this is another solid new release of products from KUIU. If you want to watch past archives of KUIU's LIVE product releases, you can check them out on KUIU's YouTube channel. Once KUIU's 2016 Summer Release live stream has aired and KUIU uploads it to their page, I will embed that video below so everyone that missed it live can check it out.

Update: KUIU 2016 Summer Release video can be watched below


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