GOHUNT arrow cutting service now available!

All photo credits: Brady Miller

GOHUNT's arrow cutting service is now live

Getting arrows for practice and upcoming archery hunts doesn't have to be complicated. Now you can save time and the headache involved when taking your arrows somewhere to get cut by having us do that work for you!

GOHUNT now offers a premium arrow cutting service and insert installation when you buy arrows from us.

When you're shopping for arrows in the GOHUNT Gear Shop, you'll see an "Optional Customizations" section. This is where you can select your arrow length from a dropdown menu as well as a section to select if you want us to glue in the inserts for you. When cutting your arrows, we will also square the arrows at the same time. Note: we cut your arrows based on a carbon-to-carbon measurement. See the graphic below for a simple reference.

It's that simple! Just let us know the carbon to carbon arrow length you need and if you want us to glue inserts, and our expert team will handle the rest. 

Our arrow cutting service adds roughly two business days to your order, so be sure to plan accordingly, and this cutting service does add a slight cost. Arrows cannot be returned once they have been cut.

Save time this season when purchasing arrows with our custom arrow cutting service available to you right now.

Order your custom-cut arrows here


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