Dave's top 5 items under $70 for late season hunting

Photo credit: Luke Dusenbury

Late season is upon us and means a few things– the bulls will be migrating, the bucks will be rutting and it’s going to be cold as hell! Going into the late season, I will definitely start packing more creature comforts in my pack and will begin to transition from my typical run-and-gun tactics to sitting on a glassing point all day. With this, my gear choices start changing.

To put things bluntly, I’m cheap, real cheap. I hate spending money on gear so when it comes to cheap pieces of gear that are also extremely effective, I’m all ears. Below is a list of some of my favorite cheap items we carry in the GOHUNT gear shop.

Vortex Pro Binocular Adapter - $69.99

One of my favorite pieces of gear for a late-season hunt is a solid binocular adapter. Good glass for a late-season hunt is important, but good glass that is also stable is even more important. The Pro Binocular Adapter is extremely lightweight, incredibly stable, and will fit most major optic brands. Along with the adapter, you can also pick up an additional adapter stud to outfit all of your binoculars. This one is at the top of the list for me.

GOHUNT Bino Bandit Binocular Eyepiece Shield - $15.99

The Bino Bandit is another one of my favorite items. The cost is next to nothing, and the weight is even less, but the impact these make while glassing in the bright sun is absolutely incredible. Constructed of neoprene, these will keep any sunlight and elements away from your eyes and lenses while you glass. Animals in the shadows will pop a lot more while using these and eye fatigue is greatly reduced. I have a set on every binocular I own!

Therm-A-Rest Z Seat - $24.95

The Therm-A-Rest Z Seat goes with me on every single hunt, late-season or not. Weighing a mere 2oz this little seat provides hours of comfort while on the glassing knob but also works as a kneeling pad or even a doormat when backpack hunting. I’ve used mine quite a bit while working up larger animals, like an elk, and it really saves my knees. These are also excellent in the later hunts when snow is present as this gives me a dry area to sit.

GOHUNT Nalgene 48 oz Wide Mouth Water Bottle - $20.00

Water bladders are nice and convenient but there is nothing worse on a late-season hunt than a frozen hose. I’ve had issues with bladders over the years and have pretty much exclusively switched over to hard-sided water bottles. Our new 48oz GOHUNT Nalgene is something I’ve been asking about for years and I couldn’t be more excited! This has the same build quality we’ve all come to know with Nalgene but with an extra 16oz of carrying capacity. This is perfect for most of my run-and-gun type day hunts and it fits nicely into the pack as well.

Stone Glacier Merino Neck Gaiter - $30.00

With my body type, I heat up extremely fast while moving but once I stop I lose it all almost immediately. Temperature control is always a battle for me and anytime I can get a leg up with a piece of gear on this I'll pay attention. The Stone Glacier Merino Neck Gaiter is an item I love to have on late hunts as this bumps up my warmth when hiking in more active layers but it also provides a ton of warmth once I’m stopped and on my glassing knob. Wind can be a killer on those late hunts and being able to cover my face while still maintaining dexterity is a huge plus. On top of that, the merino wool construction is great at wicking away moisture from inside the gaiter so I can mostly avoid that nasty clammy feeling that neck gaiters often produce.


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