10 new items in the GOHUNT Gear Shop to be excited about

Photo credit: Brady Miller

We have been adding a ton of new gear to the GOHUNT Gear Shop this summer and, with some fun tags in my pocket, I have been cruising these hard! I wanted to take a few minutes to highlight a few of my favorites

GOHUNT Nalgene Wide Mouth Water Bottle

Yes, it’s a water bottle. Yes, I’m still really excited about it! 32 oz of water is never quite enough for me on a day hunt, but for some reason, I can’t stand packing two bottles in my pack. They are constantly tipping over and getting in the way. This large 48 oz Nalgene bottle fits perfectly in my pack and gives me enough water for most of my day hunts. The bottles are constructed of durable Tritan plastic and can take the abuse of any adventure.

Purchase GOHUNT Nalgene Wide Mouth Water Bottle here

Therm-A-Rest Lite Seat

I have always been a big fan of having some sort of glassing pad with me on hunts. The new Therm-A-Rest lite seat takes it a step further by offering a packable inflatable option. Foam glassing seats will always hold a close place next to my heart; however, they tend to flatten out after glassing on them for prolonged periods of time. Having the ability to adjust my air pressure — and also know that I won’t lose it  could make an all-day glassing session suck a little bit less. Even more, I’m sure I could double this inflatable pad for a mock pillow for some sweet mountain naps.

Purchase Therm-A-Rest Lite Seat here

Stone Glacier Performance Belt

Another super simple item: the Stone Glacier Performance Belt. I’m normally not a belt person, but I do like to use them while hunting. However, I’ve often struggled to find a belt that stayscomfortable throughout an entire hunt. Generally, the buckles are the major issue for me and overly stiff materials just seem to not work well for me. This low-profile offering from Stone Glacier looks to check all of the boxes I need and I’m excited to put this one to work this fall.

Purchase Stone Glacier Performance Belt here

Goat Knives Ibex Mini Replaceable Blade Knife

I have always been a big fan of replaceable blade knives — mostly because I’m awful at sharpening knives. The new Ibex from Goat Knives combines the strength and safety of a fixed-blade knife, but comes in at an insanely light 0.6 oz! Jimping has been added to the handle in strategic places to increase grip while working with the knife and a Kydex sheath is included. This knife is going to cut some weight from my kill kit without any sacrifice of efficiency, safety or strength. Learn more about the Goat Knife Ibex here from Brady Miller.

Purchase Goat Knife Ibex Mini here

Hilleberg Tarp 10 UL

The Hilleberg Tarp 10 UL is another item that has recently caught my eye. I love a good tarp and will have a use for one on a few hunts this year. Primarily, I drew a Wyoming deer tag and will be doing a backpack hunt up there this September with a good friend. The Tarp 10 UL has plenty of room for both of us and our gear to fit under the tarp while still providing enough protection should we encounter any freak storms.

Purchase Hilleberg Tarp 10 UL here

Hamskea Epsilon Arrow Rest

The Epsilon is the newest rest offering from Hamskea Archery. Hamskea is well known for producing some of the most accurate and reliable archery products on the market and the Epsilon is no exception. This rest can be configured to operate from the top limb or bottom limb or it can be converted to cable-driven. The low profile design of the Epsilon lends itself to a good relationship between your rest and any tight-fitting quiver options. Exceptional build quality, great precision and reliability to last a lifetime, the Epsilon will be on my bow this fall.

Purchase Hamskea Epsilon Arrow Rest here

Optimus Crux Weekend HE Cook System

The Crux HE Weekend Cook Kit from Optimus is another item I am pretty excited about. I really like a good stove kit and this one comes in at a respectable 12.6 oz and includes the pot, the stove and a saucepan/lid. This compact system will deploy and pack up in seconds and boils water quickly. 

Purchase Optimus Crux Weekend HE here

Big Agnes Rapide SL Insulated Sleeping Pad

I move like crazy when I sleep and, because of this, I tend to not sleep the best while backpack hunting. My sleep system is something I’ve invested in a lot over the past few years and a good sleeping pad is the foundation of it. I am a side sleeper and I roll a lot. Having a big, wide and thick pad is important and the Rapide SL takes it a step further with its 3.5’” main chamber and 4.25” outer chambers. This not only provides exceptional comfort, but also keeps me on my pad while I’m tossing about.

Purchase Big Agnes Rapide SL here

Stone Glacier Synthetic Hoodie

Synthetic mid-layer hoodies have become my absolute favorite piece of clothing. I wear these for summer scouting trips all the way through late November hunts. I have one on or in my pack for every single hunt. I’ve always been a huge fan of the Sitka Heavyweight Hoodie, but have wanted to try something new. I have been eyeballing the SG Synthetic Hoodie due to its quick-drying abilities, hood design and overall lighter weight material. I think this could be the ticket for active western hunting!

Purchase Stone Glacier Synthetic Hoodie here

Salewa Mountain Trainer 2 Mid GTX

Traditionally, I’ve always been a heavy, tall all-leather boot type of person. Those boots definitely have their place, but I’ve begun to move into more technical type hikers that give me some more athletic freedom while still providing protection. The new Mountain Trainer 2 from Salewa combines all of my favorite features in a robust mountain boot with the nimbleness of a lightweight set of hiking boots. While I may go to a slightly stiffer boot for a more extreme mountain hunt, these will be perfect for the high country of Wyoming and Arizona where I will be spending most of my time this year.

Purchase Salewa Mountain Trainer 2 Mid GTX here


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