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You may have noticed while browsing the GOHUNT Gear Shop that there have been some additions in the area of health and wellness hidden in the food category. The brand I want to highlight today is relatively new to GOHUNT, but that has flown under the radar for a few years now: Warrior Fuel

Over the past few years, I have not only used their products for my personal training but have grown to know the owner and hunter behind the high-quality supplements, Ryan Alspach. Ryan is almost a one-man band at Warrior Fuel as he is the chemist behind the composition/flavoring and ingredient sourcing, the social media manager and marketing person who searches to find unbiased athletes/hunters to test future products in order to gain real feedback. Warrior Fuel is always looking to increase hunters' abilities while in the field and at home through the use of their supplements both in-season and during the offseason. 

Let's go over what Warrior Fuel has to offer! 


Elevate in a nutshell is a jack-of-all-trades, ultimate mountain supplement that is added to water in convenient single-serving stick packs. I always have a couple of these stashed within my food bag on any type of hunt. The taste is phenomenal, but more importantly, what it does for backcountry hunters is even better. Warrior Fuel put a lot of research into Elevate to combine not only energy (natural caffeine) but also to aid in hydration and recovery through the use of minerals and amino acids. It’s a must-have for any hunter putting in long days on the mountain.

Elite Amino

Elite Amino should be in everyone's diet. They help break down proteins and aid in recovery, boost the immune system, improve sleep and much more. Warrior Fuel has designed their Elite Aminos to contain all nine essential aminos to aid in recovery and maintain high energy levels. I like to use this supplement whenever I want a natural boost without caffeine as well as combining it with my pre-workout  Shredded Pump supplement before a big workout.


Probiotics and gut health could be one of the more overlooked areas of many individuals' diets. Clean was designed to improve digestion, decrease inflammation and help remove toxins from the body. I didn’t use any kind of probiotic-type supplements until Clean came out and I decided to give it a try. I wish I would've included a probiotic/digestive aid earlier in life. I most certainly can tell there is a difference when I don’t take it for a couple of days. Being a young man that's had a few surgeries under my belt so far, I can tell that my inflammation of joints is less when using Clean. It’s a part of my vitamins for daily use and I can't recommend it enough to others.

Shredded Pump

I have been weightlifting since high school and have tried a lot of the mainstream pre-workout supplements. Many of these mainstream brands have no idea what the quality levels of the ingredients are, where they came from or what they actually do for you. The best part of Shredded Pump is that you can ask Ryan anything you’d like to know about his products (unless it's proprietary) and he will tell you. One thing I have noticed when using Shredded Pump is the amount of focus I have while knocking out a workout. Whether it's trying to PR the Murph workout or a heavy deadlift day, I have noticed an “All-In” attitude which I haven't felt from any other product.


Not many companies — if any — have a pre-workout or energy supplement dedicated to the female metabolism. Warrior Fuel spent a lot of time formulating Hers to include slow-burning caffeine and ingredients to help shed water as well as unwanted fat. I have used Hers in a pinch when I ran out of my own pre-workout and I will say there is a thermogenic difference when using it. I noticed that I sweat a bit more, but I also noticed that my focus was spot on with what I received from Shredded Pump. My wife uses Hers and she is definitely a fan during her harder workouts.

I’m glad to see that GOHUNT has started to offer such a high-quality supplement line like Warrior Fuel in the Gear Shop. The products from Warrior Fuel are used by some hardcore hunters and are designed for that purpose. No matter what your fitness goals are, you can take my word for it: adding some of the Warrior Fuel products will most certainly help! Be sure to check out the Warrior Fuel products in the Gear Shop. 

Check out the Warrior Fuel products in the Gear Shop here

Stay safe and hunt hard!!


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