How MTNTOUGH will make you a more well rounded hunter

Getting physically and mentally strong for this upcoming hunting season! All photo credits: Luke Dusenbury and Nate Hill.

I’ve always considered myself to be in great hunting shape. After all, I work out constantly throughout the year and I’ve kept myself in what I thought was great backpacking condition. But recently after starting the MTNTOUGH program, I realized that I’m barely scratching the surface of my mountain hunting potential!

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The workouts I’ve been doing on the MTNTOUGH app have opened my eyes in a huge way to an untapped area in my strength and conditioning. The way they approach the workouts and the level of detail they put into the research on what workouts will benefit a mountain hunter is a step above anything I have done in the past for getting myself ready for hunting season.

Hunting specific training

I feel 100% confident in saying that by starting MTNTOUGH early in the year, I am going to go into this upcoming season fully prepared for anything the mountain throws at me. And on top of being physically strong, another area this program shines at is the mental game. I know that if I’m mentally able to complete the workouts, what I experience on a grueling hike into the mountains or a difficult pack out with my backpack fully loaded down with gear and meat will be way easier than it was in the past because through these workouts I’ve gained extra knowledge on what it takes to mentally push me through a difficult day.

A quick dive into their fitness app

Screenshot of the MTNTOUGH mobile app.

Where MTNTOUGH really shines is through their dedicated fitness app that you can access all the on-demand workouts from your phone, tablet, computer, and even through your TV.

Download for IOS here Download for Android here

Their app is a wealth of information that you can access anywhere with detailed videos that explain how to perform the workouts. Again, all of these programs are geared specifically for the backcountry hunter looking to build mental toughness and endurance. 

What I really have enjoyed is the workouts will not only test your strength, endurance, and mobility but almost more importantly your mental game. After talking to Dustin Diefenderfer at their Lab in Bozeman a month ago, these areas are what he describes as essential that will put you in the optimal position to handle whatever the mountains in the West will throw at you. 

As I said earlier, my eyes were opened in a big way since I started these workouts. Everything I have worked on in the MTNTOUGH app works towards strengthening the muscles involved in hunting movements like weighted step-ups with a heavy backpack that replicates hiking that steep and deep mountain terrain, and power movements to build your back and legs to prepare for heavy packouts (which we all hope for on hunts) and even cardio to build on stamina.

The mental side of hunting

Although I've mentioned it before, the main aspect of these workouts comes down to mental toughness. We recorded a video with Dustin while in Bozeman and what he talked about hit home with me about the mental and physical side to why people quit in the backcountry. And if they quit in the mountains, that will lead to tags being unpunched. Your mind is everything! I'm a firm believer that with a strong mind, comes success in the mountains.

In summary

Lorenzo and I were able to spend a few days at their lab in Bozeman roughly a month ago, and I'm glad we had a chance to run through two days of workouts with them. I've already put together a weighted backpack set up in my garage and these easy-to-follow at home workouts are going to be key to my fitness going into this upcoming season.

Take your hunting fitness to the next level and head into the fall better prepared than ever before!

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