Nockturnal Lighted Nocks now LIVE in the GOHUNT Gear Shop!

Photo credit: Cody Boor

My 2022 season has really fallen into place quickly this year and I suddenly have found myself with a pocket full of archery elk tags and a lot of planning to do. This is probably one of my favorite times of the year, though - It’s time to think about e-scouting, physical conditioning, and new gear.

We’ve been adding a ton of new gear to the GOHUNT Gear Shop recently and I have been cruising it hard! I’ve been really eyeing up the new Hamskea Epsilon Rest but I got really excited to see that Nockturnal Nocks are now live. For such a small and inexpensive item, lighted nocks can make a huge difference in many aspects of archery and archery hunting. In a past life, I sold and set up hunting bows for a living and have had a lot of experience with Nockturnal Nocks. These have always been very reliable, easy to operate, and bright as heck!

In the GOHUNT Gear Shop, you will find Nockturnal Nocks for X, S, GT, and G nock sizes and in multiple colors. 


Are Nockturnal lighted nocks heavy and will they change my point of impact?

Nockturnal nocks weigh approximately 20 grains, 10-15 grains more than most factory nocks. In general, the point of impact (POI) will be changed very little, if any. Archers may experience issues if the Nockturnal Nock does not fit the bowstring like the factory nock but this occurrence is not common. 

How well will Nockturnal lighted nocks fit into my arrow shafts?

Nockturnal Nocks are available in many sizes and will fit nearly all of the shafts on the market. Because the tolerances are so tight, it will be very imperative to check the specs on your arrows and the nock you are ordering. When ordered correctly the nock fit is excellent!

What is the battery life of Nockturnal lighted nocks?

Nockturnal Nocks have an estimated battery life of 20 continuous hours.

How do Nockturnal lighted nocks work?

Nockturnal Nocks have an internal plunger system that is activated by the bowstring on the shot. This is a very simple and reliable system and will not fail to activate. 

Can I turn off Nockturnal lighted nocks after the shot?

Yes. Nocturnal Nocks have a simple exterior on/off switch that can be switched with a number of items. Hands down, the best way to keep your nocks in good shape while turning them off would be to get and use the Nockturnal Universal Nock Tool.

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