How to pack and organize a hunting backpack

Packing a backpack doesn't have to be complicated, but there are some techniques that will utilize all of the space and make things more comfortable. In the video above I walk through my process when loading gear items into my backpack for an extended stay hunt. 

A quick summary of my packing method:

How to pack and organize a hunting backpack

All photo credits: Brady Miller
  • Remove all air pockets by filling gaps with small items
    • This will allow your pack volume to fill up slower
  • Light items at the bottom (sleeping bag, clothes, etc)
  • Medium-weight items above the lighter gear (gear, food, etc)
  • Heavy items at the upper portion of the backpack and along your back
  • Keep essential items in storage pockets (headlamp, glassing accessories, first aid kit, etc.)

I highly recommend that you practice how to pack your backpack before you go on a hunt. This will help you to become very familiar with where your items are so you don't struggle to find something in a pinch. There's nothing worse than setting up to glass and having to dump your entire pack out because you placed an important gear item at the bottom.

Stone Glacier EVO 3300 backpack

Over time, packing items into your backpack will become second nature.

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