Wyoming to bar nonresident shed hunters from opening day

Photo Credit: Dreamstime

This year is the last year nonresidents will be allowed to shed hunt on opening day of Wyoming’s shed hunting season. New restrictions will bar nonresidents from the May 1 start date. This is seven-day delay is due to the passage of a new Wyoming law, according to Wyoming Public Radio

Residents will only be allowed on May 1.

Obviously, not everyone is happy about this new restriction.

“We’re all kind of against it,” said Idaho resident Hunter Rackham. “I think [the shed hunt] brings the community of conservationists together, and I just think it’s a really cool opportunity to get out here and see what Wyoming’s all about.”

And it is really popular. In fact, on opening day this week, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department reported about 1,000 people collecting sheds on the National Elk Refuge. That could potentially be a result of the expanded closure of all other areas to shed hunting until May 15. That extension was put in place to help mule deer and antelope already struggling because of severe winter conditions.

Only Teton County honored the May 1 start date of the season.

“It’s unfortunate. It’s really too bad,” said Utah resident Jade Evans. “Definitely a fun family activity to get out and hike and shed hunt. We love doing it.”

Regardless, next year, residents will have a seven-day head start to shed hunt. What do you think about this new restriction?


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