ALERT: Wyoming approves changes to hunting regs and laws

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Heads up: there are some new laws and regulations in place for the upcoming Wyoming hunting season. This week, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD) announced that the Wyoming Legislation approved several bills that hunters need to be aware of, specifically those that impact license and application fees with regard to deer, antelope and elk for nonresidents.

Passage of HB0200 increases the fees for nonresidents who apply for the special draw. According to WGFD, the special draw fee will increase as follows:

  • Nonresident elk special fee: $1,963 
  • Nonresident deer special fee: $1,213
  • Nonresident antelope special fee: $1,213

Further, for those who wish to hunt other “coveted” species in the state, expect an increase in license cost:

  • Nonresident bighorn sheep license: $3,000
  • Nonresident mountain goat license: $2,750
  • Nonresident moose license: $2,750
  • Nonresident grizzly bear license: $7,500
  • Nonresident wild bison license: $6,000

More information on these fees and how those totals came to be can also be found here.

In addition to the increased fees, remember that nonresidents must pay the special draw fee along with the license and application fee when applying for deer, antelope and elk. The increase will go into effect on Jan. 1, 2024.

Other approved changes included amendments to HB0104, which will allow hunters “the use of artificial light, including thermal and infrared imaging” to hunt predatory animals on public or state land. There is also the possibility of a “pursuit only” resident mountain lion season where dogs would be allowed; however, WGFD is still working on finalizing regulations. 

Nonresident shed hunt change

Another change worth noting: Nonresidents will be required to purchase a conservation stamp in order to shed hunt unless they are under the age of 15. Residents will be able to start shed hunting seven days prior to the start of the nonresident shed season. 

Also, of note – and possibly due to the recent “corner crossing” case, SF056 “prohibits anyone from entering, traveling through or returning across private property” for hunting, fishing or shed hunting unless they have permission of the owner or person in charge of the property. This goes into effect on July 1, 2023.

List of approved bills


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