Wisconsin wolves kill 17 sheep


Photo credit: Shutterstock

Wisconsin farmers watch out: wolves decimated 17 sheep in Price County, Wisconsin in late May, creating both a farming and wildlife problem at once. The sheep that were killed were raised for hunting preserves and were valued at $5,000 per ram and $1,000 per breeding ewe. With 17 dead, it’s now up to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to determine the overall compensation to the farmers who were victims of this massive wolf depredation.

"These [were] some of our main breeding stock, right here, for the future," says Paul Canik. Paul and his wife, Judy, have been raising sheep for hunting clubs and game preserves for years. This was one of their first major livestock casualties due to wolves, which are protected under the Endangered Species List. "They killed them all and never ate [anything]. Just killed them for the fun of it," says Paul. 

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"[I'm] very angry, because we belong here, our sheep belong here, our guard dogs belong here," says Judy Canik. "The wolves don't belong here."

The Caniks will start to rebuild their herd while they wait to find out what the state will offer for compensation. In the mean time, USDA Wildlife Services has provided the farmers with electric fencing to help keep the wolves out, according to WJFW.com. Regardless, that may not be enough if the packs continue to increase as the hunting and trapping ban remains.


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