The benefits of triple points — our biggest Gear Shop rewards ever!

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Everything is better in threes. And for a limited time, INSIDERs will earn back TRIPLE POINTS on everything in the goHUNT Gear Shop!

So how powerful are 3X points in the Gear Shop?

As an INSIDER, you can save big right now when buying gear for the upcoming season! And if you're not an INSIDER, you are missing out, and here's why.

Let's say you're looking to buy something in the Gear Shop and maybe you're looking at the Vortex Razor UHD 12x50 binoculars. Which are my favorite binoculars of all time!

An INSIDER membership is $149 per year and buying items in the Gear Shop as an INSIDER basically pays for your INSIDER membership. So if you're going to buy gear at some point for the 2022 season, and you want the best research tools for western hunting... then now is the time to join!

So back to the binos, for example, if you buy those binoculars in the Gear Shop during this 3X point period. You're going to get 426 points back.

Those points back are three times the normal points we typically offer to INSIDERs (normally you'd get 142 points back if you bought these binoculars). And at goHUNT, 1 point equals $1. So that is $426 that you can use to buy something else in the Gear Shop. That purchase right there basically paid for your INSIDER membership, because now you have $426 back that you can use to buy other gear you need! That is just one quick example of how this triple points period is very beneficial when it comes to getting you the best gear, that will help you have the best hunt.

There's nowhere else you can get rewards like these when purchasing hunting gear!

So what are you waiting for? Gift yourself an INSIDER membership this year and gifts for you, your friends, and your family are going to be three times as rewarding.

Start earning rewards here

Again, how do INSIDER points work?

As an INSIDER, you earn money back on our selection of expert-picked gear with INSIDER Points! Again, our points system is extremely simple, 1 point equals $1. Items in the Gear Shop will have the ability for goHUNT INSIDERs to earn INSIDER Points that you can redeem on anything in the store. Those points can be applied to future purchases at the payment portion of checkout. Points that are currently in your account will show in the header next to your name if when you're logged in on a computer or in the dropdown menu on your phone.

Only INSIDERs can earn and redeem points.

Learn more about INSIDER here


Brady Miller

Brady Miller

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