Science based wildlife management for black bears under attack in California

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Once again, science-based wildlife management is under attack. And this time California black bear hunting is under fire. Even if you're not from California and do not hunt there, this does impact you! There is a commission meeting on Thursday, Feb. 17 so time is of the essence.

"Petition 2021-027: Request to eliminate open hunting season for black bear until the Department’s bear management plan is updated with three specific components" - Information from Commission meeting document.

The following is information from the Howl For Wildlife page. They have made a super simple process to share your feedback. I have submitted my support and it literally took less than 10 seconds.

Take action and show your support here


Screenshot from the Howl For Wildlife page.

As already mentioned, science-based wildlife management is once again under attack in California. Comments opposing the legal management and hunting of black bear have been submitted, effectively laying the foundation for rulemaking to get these hunts banned.

Read three important letters here

Watch this great film below by Blood Origins

By taking action, you are adding your voice to three powerful letters supporting bear hunting and conservation. Take action and show your support for California wildlife and black bear hunting below:

Show your support here

I personally believe these are huge issues and together we as hunters have a strong voice! Not a California hunter? Not sure how this affects you? It still impacts you.


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