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We are excited to announce the launch of OutdoorClass, a new platform for helping you get into the field and expand your hunting knowledge. OutdoorClass is the new single source of premium outdoor education from trusted, knowledgeable experts. For hunters committed to improving their skills, OutdoorClass is the only subscription-based, e-learning platform that provides unlimited access to video lessons from the world’s most respected experts covering topics across a hunter’s entire journey. Learn from industry leaders like Corey Jacobsen, Randy Newberg, Remi Warren, Jaime Teigen, and other prominent personalities and organizations. OutdoorClass is available for an annual fee of $99.99.

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When looking at the lack of options available for hunters to expand their skills and knowledge, experts from around the hunting world decided to band together to bring their knowledge together and help hunters of all levels grow. For complete novices and lifelong hunters alike, OutdoorClass is the only destination to learn from the experience of the best.

The best part? You can download your instruction and take it into the field with you.

Craft your own curriculum

Example of some of the chapters available.

1. Find the topics and skills you want to improve

Explore the course options available to you as a part of OutdoorClass' robust offering—from finding mule deer across the west to cooking antelope osso buco—and dive into whatever you want to learn.

2. Choose how you want to experience the courses

Start from the beginning for a full walkthrough, or pick and choose to zero in on the skills that appeal to you. Watch on your phone, computer, TV, or download and take your education into the field.

3. Start mastering the skills you need to become a better hunter

If you're looking to develop new elk calling skills, learn to cook from scratch, or more, you'll find what you need with OutdoorClass.

Learn from the Best in Class!

Current instructors:

Remi Warren - Finding mule deer

Remi Warren has spent thousands of days in the field, and is one of the most successful and experienced hunters in the world. With the majority of his life spent as a full time guide and professional hunter across the United States and abroad, he has become an expert at many forms of hunting. With this experience, Remi shares and divulges his wealth of knowledge to help make other hunters more effective. Remi's systematic approach to hunting is the foundation of his success.

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Randy Newberg - Rifle elk hunting

Randy Newberg explains his identity with one word - Hunter. He is a leading voice of public land hunters in America. Randy has spent over thirty years seeking adventure in hunting wild places. That experience has allowed Randy to become a leading advocate for the self-guided hunter — those dependent on public lands for hunting access. In addition to representing hunters in Congress and state legislatures, he serves as a volunteer and board member for many hunting and conservation groups.

Check out Randy's course here

Corey Jacobsen - calling elk in the pre-rut and peak-rut

For 11-time World Champion Elk Caller, Corey Jacobsen, there is nothing like the high-country in September. Having earned the title "Champion of Champions", Corey has become the most sought after resource for elk calling and hunting instruction in the nation. As a professional hunter armed with a mechanical engineer's ability to simplify complex processes, Corey's teaching style will methodically elevate your skills and practices. With 35+ years of calling and hunting experience on public lands, Corey is passionate to help others succeed, and be at their very best in the elk woods.

Check out Corey's course here

Jaime Teigen - Western big game cooking

As an accomplished chef for over 12 years, Jaime Teigen also lives out her passions every day as a mother and wife, hunter, fisher, skier, and outdoorswomen. She is currently the Chef & Professional Sales Manager at Burch Barrel. Cooking outside, or in the kitchen, she truly understands the meaning of being connected to your food - and sharing it with friends and family. Chef Jamie's practical expertise will help bring your kitchen to life with amazing smells, tasty cuisine, and pleased smiles.

Check out Jaime's course here

Coming soon instructors:

  • Bri Van Scotter - Cooking what you kill
  • John Barklow - Wilderness survival
  • Mark Livesay - Next level e-scouting
  • Larry White - Wild game cooking techniques
  • Ryan Lampers - Western backcountry hunting
  • Brian Call - Western backcountry hunting
  • Hank Shaw - Cooking venison

OutdoorClass is available on your computer, TV, or even downloadable to your phone. In the field or at home, OutdoorClass is with you wherever you are. 

Learn from the best in class and advance your skills with OutdoorClass.

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