News roundup: Nov. 17-21

Here are the highlights from this week in hunting news.

Teton elk hunt faces court battle

Wyoming bull elk in the snow
Photo credit: Getty Images

Two nature photographers have filed a lawsuit against the government in an effort to stop the annual elk hunt in Grand Teton National Park. Wyoming residents Kent Nelson and Timothy Mayo, operating as Wyoming Wildlife Advocates, are suing the National Park Service (NPS) and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, claiming the park’s Elk Reduction Program is both disruptive and unjustified. Read the full story here.

Anti-wolf campaign hits Spokane

Pair of wolves
Photo credit: Getty Images

An anti-wolf group is about to launch an aggressive billboard campaign in Spokane, highlighting the potential dangers of an increasing wolf population in Washington State.  The initial billboard message features a wolf growling with its teeth bared, and accompanying text that reads: “Endangered? No. Deadly? Yes. Good for Washington? Absolutely not.” A total of eight billboard posters are expected to be up by the end of November. Read the full story here.

World record bighorn mount for sale

Large bighorn ram
Photo credit: Genthar

It’s one of the most elusive, yet most sought-after species in North America — the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep. If the odds of drawing the tag and the sheer expense of the hunt don’t stand in your way, the altitude and rugged terrain probably will. So when a man defied all odds and took the biggest bighorn ever to be recorded by the Boone & Crockett Club, it was by by all means astonishing. Perhaps the only thing more astonishing, now, is the decision to sell the trophy mount. Read the full story here on the $95,000 price tag.

Compensation for ranchers to coexist with wolves

Mexican gray wolf
Photo credit: Getty Images

Twenty six livestock operators in Arizona and New Mexico received their first payments this month from the Mexican Wolf/Livestock Coexistence Council as part of an innovative program aimed at the recovery of the Mexican wolf population. The payments should help alleviate the negative financial impacts that affect livestock producers within the wolf recovery zone. Read the full story here.


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