New app helps Wyoming residents claim roadkill

Photo credit: Wyoming Game & Fish Department

A new app makes it easier for Wyoming residents to claim roadkill. The 511 Wyo Roads App, which rolled out this winter, is a feature within the Wyoming Department of Transportation app and allows users to “quickly claim accidentally killed” antelope, deer, elk, moose, bison or wild turkey “after documenting the animal and reviewing the rules for collecting roadkill to eat,” according to the Associated Press.

However, there are a few rules to be aware of once you download the app:

  • No roadkill can be collected after dark.
  • Interstate highways and construction zones are off limits.
  • Roadkill cannot be collected in national parks like Yellowstone or Grand Teton.
  • Roadkill meat cannot be donated to charities – it is only for the reporting individual’s use.
  • You must take the entire animal – not just the antlers or hide.

Essentially, the app geotags roadkill, allowing state wildlife biologists and highway officials to collect data that could be used for future applications like wildlife crossings or other ways to prevent wildlife-vehicle collisions, according to the Associated Press

Interested? Download the app and review the instructions right here.


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